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The Lincoln LS combines the athleticism of a European sports sedan with the elegance of an American luxury vehicle. For a time, the LS was the carmaker’s most technologically advanced vehicle, managing to attract a much younger clientele due to its sporty edge and driver-friendly features. Despite its initial popularity, however, the Lincoln LS was discontinued in 2006 due to lackluster sales. A used 2006 Lincoln LS can go under $10,000 on car sites. It retains its value surprisingly well given its age, with a slow depreciation curve of 2%, according to AutoPadre.

Is the Lincoln LS Reliable?

Users on RepairPal gave the Lincoln LS a 3.8 out of 5.0 reliability rating. Despite the above-average customer rating, the Lincoln LS has been known to fail on more than one occasion. If you’re looking to buy a used model, you should expect some issues with the engine, transmission, HVAC, suspension, and interior. If unaddressed, these problems may affect your Lincoln LS’ reliability.

lincoln ls side shot
The Lincoln LS combines the athleticism of a European sports sedan with the elegance of an American luxury vehicle. Image source: Flickr | Justin

Common Lincoln LS Problems

The Lincoln LS has a slew of issues that limits its sporting and touring capabilities. You only need to browse the forums to get a better picture. We’ve compiled some of the LS’s most commonly reported issues.

A/C Blowing Hot Air

Many 2006 Lincoln LS owners have reported problems with their air conditioning system blowing hot air. There are two common solutions to this issue according to users on CarComplaints. You either need to replace your dual climate control valve or buy a new condenser and compressor. Road debris can get stuck on your car’s grate, restricting air flow to the compressor. If the compressor becomes clogged or damaged, it won’t disperse the heat and humidity inside the refrigerant. Keeping your Lincoln LS clean can prevent dirt, dust, and mud from getting stuck on your grate. Another possible cause is a refrigerant leak. Leaks can happen when you have old hoses or punctured evaporators in your Lincoln LS. Since refrigerant evaporates much faster than motor oil and antifreeze, it can be difficult to spot when it leaks. Given the complexity of this issue, we recommend visiting your trusted mechanic for a complete checkup of your cooling system.

Engine Stalling and Shutdown

Engine problems are quite common for the 2004 Lincoln LS. Many owners have reported their engines stalling or shutting down without warning. There are several potential causes. The first is low fuel pressure. If the engine doesn’t get enough fuel from the tank, it can shut down at lower speeds. A broken fuel pump or dirty fuel injector may be the problem. Another possible cause is a bad oxygen sensor or mass air flow sensor. These components determine the amount of oxygen required for your engine to run. If there is too much or too little oxygen, the engine won’t have much power. One Lincoln LS owner mentioned that their catalytic converter had to be replaced. If the catalytic converter becomes clogged, exhaust gases can accumulate inside your car and cause your engine to stall from exhaust pressure. If you’re looking to buy a 2004 Lincoln LS, make sure to ask your seller about their car’s engine history.

Engine Misfiring

Several 2003 Lincoln LS owners have complained about misfiring engines at about 80,000 miles. A Lincoln LS owner discovered that their engine problem was caused by a broken valve gasket. When the gasket breaks, motor oil can leak out of the engine and drop onto the vehicle’s hot components, producing an unpleasant smell. Motor oil can get to the spark plugs, causing the engine to misfire or run rough. If the valve gasket isn’t replaced, a fire can break out. It’s important to keep and follow a regular maintenance schedule to prevent this from happening. You should ideally include a routine inspection of your engine parts when checking your motor oil every couple of weeks.

Overheating Problems

Many owners have reported overheating problems with their 2002 Lincoln LS. One owner complained about their cooling components going brittle after 110,000 miles. This likely means their coolant overflow tank has been compromised. If the overflow tank fails, excess antifreeze has no way to leave the cooling system, so it spills out of the radiator cap and corrodes metal parts. The engine relies on the cooling system for temperature control, so it will eventually overheat when its cooling components become rusty. Overheating can also occur if there is a coolant leak from a punctured radiator hose or broken water pump. Cooling system problems usually present themselves during heavy traffic situations since there’s not enough air flowing through the system when the vehicle is stationary. If you’re planning to get a 2002 Lincoln LS, make sure to check its cooling system to avoid unexpected overheating issues.

automotive timing chain
Some 2000 Lincoln LS owners have reported that their timing chains have become loose from normal operation, causing them engine problems.

Timing Chain Failure

Some 2000 Lincoln LS owners have reported engine problems caused by bad timing chains. Over time, timing chains can become loose from normal operation, causing them to jump a tooth or break. A bad timing chain can knock the engine’s timing and lead to numerous issues, such as engine failure and decreased fuel economy. A bad timing tensioner can also be a factor in causing engine problems. Without the tensioner, timing chains can fail prematurely. These are just some examples of engine problems with the 2000 Lincoln LS. If you experience any of the symptoms we’ve mentioned, we suggest taking your car to the shop for a complete diagnosis.

Overall, the Lincoln LS remains an excellent choice for drivers who want a taste of luxury without paying 5 Series prices. Hopefully, this has helped you decide whether this luxury sports sedan is right for you. Before finalizing your purchase, we encourage you to do your own research and ask sellers about their car’s repair history, so that you can determine their potential issues.

Any information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace consultation with a professional mechanic. The accuracy and timeliness of the information may change from the time of publication.

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Rebecca Albright

Just bought a used 2004 Ls. Love it for a sporty extra car!

Armand Smith

How rare is the 2002 LSe edition with the 5 speed manual?

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