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Natasha Addam’s Jeep Comanche is finally on its own weight, signaling it’s ready to roll. After extensive preparations and enhancements, this robust pickup is now primed for action. However, before she can unleash its full potential, she has to ensure that  it can stop effectively. That’s where new PowerStop brakes come into play, transforming her Comanche’s braking capabilities and enhancing its overall safety and performance.

Securing these advanced brake components from was a game-changer for Natasha. The zinc-plated, drilled, and slotted rotors paired with carbon-fiber ceramic pads offer a significant improvement from her truck’s previous brakes. Specifically, this setup delivers a 20% increase in stopping power compared to OEM and other traditional brake systems. This upgrade not only promises superior performance but also ensures reliability in diverse driving conditions.

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Thanks to the combined efforts of and PowerStop brakes, Natasha’s Comanche is now equipped with dependable brake components. Whether navigating off-road trails or cruising on highways, PowerStop brakes provide consistent and robust stopping power. With this enhancement, Natasha’s Comanche is not just ready to roll but also ready to stop with precision and confidence.

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PowerStop Brakes from

powerstop brakes offers an extensive range of PowerStop brake kits that are designed to significantly enhance your vehicle’s braking performance. offers an extensive range of PowerStop brake kits that are designed to significantly enhance your vehicle’s braking performance. The rotors and brake pads in these kits ensure superior durability and stopping power. PowerStop brakes are engineered for both everyday use and demanding conditions, providing reliable and consistent performance. Whether you’re upgrading for enhanced safety or improved handling, has the PowerStop brake pads and other parts that meet your needs.

If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, navigate to the brake section, input your vehicle’s details, and explore the array of options available. With hassle-free ordering and swift delivery to your doorstep, makes it easy to save on parts, ensuring that enthusiasts can get their dream components. Don’t delay. Get your PowerStop brakes today.

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About Natasha Adams

Natasha Adams is an automotive technician who works as the first female mechanic at high-end restoration shop Icon4x4. She also hosts an all girls off-road group called Hardline Ladies, connecting women interested in off-roading and inspiring more women to join the hobby. Natasha also owns, builds and maintains a ’74 Nova, a ’91 Jeep Comanche and a lifted-off road ’90 LS400. When hard at work at her shop, Natasha primarily works on restoring first-generation Ford Broncos, Toyota FJ cruisers, and Chevy 3100 pickups.

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