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Nissan officially introduced its newest electric SUV at the recent Tokyo Motor Show: the Nissan IMk.

Dubbed a “small EV for a new era,” the IMk, according to Nissan’s executive design director Saturo Tai, is “designed to be at home in sophisticated cityscapes as much as in traditional Japanese towns.”

He further stated, “The IMk fuses a modern, clean look, driven by its Japanese heritage, with cutting-edge EV technology. Unconstrained by conventional concepts of the kei car segment, its design is interwoven with Japanese culture. It’s a luxury small EV that I hope a lot of customers are going to drive.”

, Nissan Introduces New Electric SUV: The Nissan IMk
Referred to by some as a smart car, the Nissan IMk has small proportions as well as a boxy and tall shape that suggests an ample cabin space. | Source: Nissan

Nissan claims the 100% electric concept car is a representation of the brand’s new direction in terms of design language.

Judging by their words, it seems that Nissan is studying the possibility of having more sophisticated technology in its future electric vehicles.

The Nissan IMk is reminiscent of the Kia Soul model and is also referred to by some as a smart car. It has small proportions as well as a boxy and tall shape that suggests an ample cabin space.

Among the features included in the IMk is the latest version of the company’s ProPilot Assist system called the ProPilot 2.0. The suite gives the car the capability to accelerate, brake, and steer on highways even when the driver’s hands are off the wheel. It also has a ProPilot Remote Park function, which allows the car to autonomously look for a parking spot after the driver gets off the vehicle.

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