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Ten years since Kia began impressing audiences the world over with its award-winning campaigns at the annual Super Bowl, the automaker announced it is skipping this year’s event. Last year’s stage, where it introduced the 2021 Seltos being driven by running back Josh Jacobs, will be the last for the brand.

According to Kia, it will instead expand its charitable initiatives, particularly through the company’s Accelerate The Good program. Accelerate The Good was established in 2019 with the foundation of the Great Unknowns Scholarship. It is also through this initiative that the automaker intends to support the homeless youth in America.

The decision to miss this year’s Super Bowl LV follows Kia’s earlier announcement that the highly awaited GMC Hummer EV will not be making its official debut at the event. It is consistent with GMC and Buick’s efforts to realign funds spent on advertising at the yearly spectacle.

“At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, we continued our efforts through two separate $1 million donations to organizations that support America’s homeless youth population,’ Kia said in a statement.

Kia joins several other companies that have since pulled their ads from the Super Bowl for similar reasons. The list includes Budweiser, which will be skipping the 2021 Super Bowl for the first time in 37 years. The renowned liquor brand said it will use its advertising budget on virtual-only social media ads that promote COVID-19 vaccine awareness.

Other brands that will be missing the Super Bowl LV are Coke and Pepsi, both of which were reported to have opted out of running in-game ads at the event. Pepsi, however, said it will help sponsor the halftime show.

Kia’s move to hop off the Super Bowl ad train is seen as part of its efforts to change its brand perception in the United States. In 2020, the automaker also launched a new logo and a range of upcoming electric vehicles.

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