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Subaru is seeing a bright future in its Ascent SUV, which has already outsold its predecessor–the Tribeca SUV–only a year after its debut.

“Ascent has already outsold the entire production of Tribeca,” a spokesperson for Subaru recently confirmed.

The three-row SUV officially went on sale in the summer of 2018 and has since sold more than 83,000 units, 47,404 of which were posted in 2019. These are great sales numbers especially when compared to the Tribeca, which has sold 76,774 models in the United States after nine years in the market, according to data from the website

, Subaru Ascent SUV Outsells Tribeca a Year After Debut
What seems to be working for the Ascent SUV that didn’t do it for the Tribeca is the larger size and seven-passenger capacity.

Ascent is currently Subaru’s fourth best-selling vehicle in America, following the Outback, Forester, and Crosstrek.

Originally branded as the B9 Tribeca released in 2006, the Tribeca failed to find its footing in the crossover segment. Low sales were blamed on its awkward styling, but a refresh for the 2008 model
year also didn’t work out. Subaru eventually decided to discontinue production in 2014 without giving a second generation for the Tribeca a shot.

What seems to be working for the Ascent SUV that didn’t do it for the Tribeca, however, is the larger size and seven-passenger capacity. It also has a more conventional styling as well as a 2.4-liter
turbocharged engine that seem to be attracting buyers.

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