Subaru Recalls 250,000 Vehicles Over Inadvertent Power Loss

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Subaru is recalling more than 250,000 cars due to sudden loss of power while driving, increasing the risk of a crash. Affected by the recall are SUVs, hatchbacks, and sedans from the 2017 to 2019 model years.

Vehicles part of the recall include: 83,499 units of the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek SUVs with build dates from May 9, 2017 to April 3, 2018; 80,219 units of the 2017-2018 Subaru Impreza hatchbacks with build dates from October 20, 2016 to March 2, 2018; 41,282 units of the 2017-2018 Subaru Impreza sedans manufactured from November 4, 2016 to March 5, 2019; 33,383 units of the 2019 Subaru Forester SUVs manufactured from July 4, 2018 to March 21, 2019; 18,193 units of the 2019 Subaru Ascent SUVs built from February 22, 2018 to August 31, 2018; and 37 units of the Subaru Crosstrek Plug-in Hybrid SUVs built from September 11, 2018 to October 8, 2018.

Owners of affected vehicles can expect to receive recall notifications beginning January 24.

According to Subaru, a defective positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve in the engine could allow the oil to enter places it shouldn’t. The PCV valve works as an emissions device that prevents pollutants created by an engine from being released into the atmosphere. It also keeps the engine oil clean and prevents pressure from building up in the crankcase.

As an effect, some pieces of the PCV valve could separate and damage other engine parts, potentially causing the engine to inadvertently lose power. If this happens, drivers would notice an increased amount of tailpipe exhaust in a bluish or grayish color.

Owners of the vehicles mentioned are advised to bring their SUVs to a dealer where they will be inspected. The faulty part will then be replaced at no cost to the customers. In case the problem is found to have caused damage to engine parts, dealers are also instructed to replace the faulty parts or the entire engine free of charge.

Subaru, however, has not mentioned if there have been any crashes or injuries related to the issue.

The automaker also said that it has already reached out to owners of 2017-2018 Crosstrek and Impreza, while other owners of affected vehicles can expect to receive recall notifications beginning January 24.

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