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Cheapest Cars to Maintain: A Professional’s Opinion

If you type the phrase “cheapest cars to maintain” into Google, you’re bound to get a variety of answers from different websites. Many (if not all) of these sources build...Read more


Honda Accord Loses Manual Transmission

With more and more car buyers preferring vehicles fitted with automatic transmissions, Honda is making a significant change in its lineup by removing the manual transmission option among Accord sedans....Read more


Modern Classics: Why You Should Buy an 80s Car Despite What People Say

Cars from the 1980s don’t get much love. One article from the Chicago Tribune reads, “It seems unlikely that people will ever collect 1980s American cars, short of a National...Read more


Honda Shuts Down Plant Operations After Cyberattack

Following an extended shutdown of its plants due to the coronavirus pandemic, Honda restarted its operations, eager to ramp up the production of its products. However, the company can't seem...Read more


Honda, Acura Recall 140,000 Vehicles Due to Bad Fuel Pumps

A total of 136,057 vehicles are being recalled from the Honda and Acura lineup in the United States due to reports concerning fuel pump problems. Globally, the defect affects about...Read more


Honda Keeps Price Increase for 2020 Accord Hybrid to a Minimum

In recent weeks, almost every automaker in the United States has announced a price increase each time it releases a 2020 model year version of current vehicles. It's not entirely...Read more


Honda Releases New Pricing for 2020 Accord

Honda dropped the official pricing system of the Accord for the 2020 model year, revealing a slight price hike ranging from $185 to $385 across all trims. The entry-level Accord...Read more


How-to Video: Replacing the Cabin Air Filter in a Honda Accord

Michael shows us how easy it is to replace the cabin air filter on this #HondaAccord. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Oh0DqOYaIURead more


2005 Honda Accord Hybrid Road Test

Category: $25,000 to $30,000 Hybrid Mid-Size 4-Door Sedan. Who should buy this car: A family looking for a reliable and comfortable sedan that has luxury, performance and fuel economy, all...Read more


2003 Honda Accord Road Test 

In today's mid-sized sedan market, there are really no bad choices.  Any car you buy in this class will deliver years of reliable service, get good gas mileage, ride smoothly...Read more

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