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Next-Gen Mitsubishi Outlander Is Coming to the U.S.

Rumors have been swirling about Mitsubishi's future in the United States, but a recent announcement from the Japanese automaker quashed theories of uncertainty for the long-running brand. In its latest...Read more


Modern Classics: Why You Should Buy an 80s Car Despite What People Say

Cars from the 1980s don’t get much love. One article from the Chicago Tribune reads, “It seems unlikely that people will ever collect 1980s American cars, short of a National...Read more


Mitsubishi Recalls 141,000 Cars Due to Detaching Control Arms

Mitsubishi is recalling 141,000 vehicles upon the discovery of rust that could damage their control arms and cause them to detach. According to documents filed by the automaker with the...Read more


Mitsubishi Outlander Finally Gets a Redesign

The current generation of the Mitsubishi Outlander has not had a redesign since it was launched in 2012. Though the model had a few minor updates over the last few...Read more


Takata Airbag Issue Far From Over

It appears the debacle with faulty Takata airbags is far from over as five automakers have announced more recalls of vehicles equipped with the airbags in question. The recalls cover...Read more


Mitsubishi to Move Cali HQ to Tennessee

Mitsubishi Motors is relocating its North America headquarters closer to where its sister company Nissan’s main office is located – in Tennessee. The company’s plans to move from Cypress, California...Read more


Mitsubishi Continues to Struggle in U.S. with 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Despite being known as one of the fairly popular Mitsubishi models since its launch in 1989, the Eclipse has struggled to establish a presence in the United States amid tough...Read more


2003 Mitsubishi Diamante VR-X Road Test

The Diamante has an uphill battle to fight in order win buyers, and the sporty VR-X version is Mitsubishi's attempt to get people talking about their flagship sedan. Today's new...Read more


2006 Mitsubishi Raider Road Test

Category:$23,000 - $32,000 Rear-wheel Drive (or 4WD) Compact Pickup TruckWho should buythis car:A person looking for a workhorse compact pickup truck with style and FlareComparable carsin this class:Chevrolet Colorado, Dodge Dakota, ...Read more


 2009 Mitsubishi Galant Ralliart Road Test Review

It's easy to get the publics' attention when you build a powerful sports car, a demon truck or even a dirt-devouring sport-utility vehicle. But a mostly utilitarian, mid-size family sedan...Read more


2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor Road Test

Category:$26,000 - $35,000 Mid-Size Sport Utility VehicleWho should buy this car:People looking for a comfortable Mid-Sized SUV with value and style in this crowded market segment.Comparable models in this class:Buick Rendezvous,...Read more

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