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Mitsubishi is recalling 141,000 vehicles upon the discovery of rust that could damage their control arms and cause them to detach.

According to documents filed by the automaker with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, affected vehicles include the 2008-2010 Mitsubishi Lancer, 2008-2013 Outlander, 2010 Lancer Sportback, and 2011-2016 Outlander Sport.

With rust being the root of the problem, corrosion comes as the main concern. Mitsubishi found that in some vehicles, the front lower control arms detach when the front cross member corrodes.

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Mitsubishi said it will begin mailing recall notifications on July 14.

Based on the company’s internal investigation, the primary cause of the issue is saltwater, particularly road salt. It is similar to a 2016 recall issued by Mitsubishi involving a different batch of models.

The company, however, clarified that the problem is targeted; meaning, only owners of the said vehicles in certain states are affected by the recall. The recall spans populations from Maine to Iowa, covering a total of 22 states as well as Washington, D.C.

To fix the defect, Mitsubishi advised owners to bring their vehicles to a dealer where technicians will conduct an inspection. For cars with front cross members that are heavily corroded, the automakers will issue a replacement at no cost to customers. A sealing, anti-corrosion agent will also be handed out to prevent the problem from recurring.

Meanwhile, owners whose vehicles do not show signs of serious corrosion will only be given the anti-corrosion agent.

Mitsubishi said it will begin mailing recall notifications on July 14.

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