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  • Mercedes-Benz accessories can improve the vehicle’s exterior, interior, lighting, and performance.
  • Some popular accessory brands include Replacement, ReplaceXL, Anzo, and more.
  • Must-have accessories include floor mats, cargo mats, and bumper cover sills, among others.

It’s not surprising that Mercedes-Benzs continue to be popular today. These luxurious vehicles not only look great but drive great, too, with high reliability ratings and glowing user reviews. They’re also versatile and durable, able to withstand various driving conditions. But why stop there when you can get Mercedes accessories to improve the looks and performance of your vehicle.

What Mercedes-Benz accessories should you get? Which brands offer good accessories? We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about Mercedes-Benz accessories and answered them for you in this guide.

Types of Mercedes-Benz Accessories

Mercedes-Benz has built a reputation for durability and excellent performance over the years. But that doesn’t mean your vehicle won’t benefit from installing aftermarket accessories and performance parts. Add a personal touch to your ride and make it look even more luxurious, not only on the outside but also on the inside.

Here are some of the most common types of Mercedes-Benz accessories available on the market today:


Harsh weather and rough road conditions can take a toll on your Mercedes-Benz’s exteriors. Fortunately, there are a lot of exterior accessories you can use to restore your vehicle’s good looks, bumper grilles, wind deflectors, and custom hoods are just some of the most popular exterior accessories for Mercedes-Benzs.


mercedes amg interior
There are a lot of practical interior accessories that help manage your cargo and ensure everyone on board your Mercedes is comfortable.

Don’t forget about your ride’s interior when shopping for accessories for your Mercedes-Benz. There are a lot of practical interior accessories that help manage your cargo and ensure everyone on board your Mercedes is comfortable. Seat covers, floor mats, cargo mats, dash covers, and sun shades all fall under this category.


When you’re driving late at night or on a road with low visibility, it’s important to see where you’re going. Upgrade your Mercedes-Benz’s lighting and add additional accessories, such as LED headlight, fog light, and tail light upgrades for more visibility when you’re driving in the dark.


If you’re looking to get more out of your Mercedes-Benz, you should consider adding performance parts. Take your pick from various brake disc and pad kits, brake hardware kits, turbochargers, as well as driveline, differential, and exhaust upgrades to give your ride an extra boost.

What Are the Most Popular Accessory Brands?

Aside from knowing what upgrades and accessories are currently on the market, you should also know which trusted brands to check out. We’ve compiled some of the most popular and trusted manufacturers of aftermarket Mercedes accessories:


replacement bumper grille for mercedes benz
Replacement manufactures top-notch OE replacements for worn-out, failed, or damaged car parts.

Replacement manufactures top-notch OE replacements for worn-out, failed, or damaged car parts. It uses high-grade materials to manufacture Mercedes-Benz accessories and upgrades that offer the same superior performance as stock components. Replacement parts are also among the most affordable on the market, making them suitable for Mercedes-Benz owners who are on a budget but still want high-quality parts.


ReplaceXL has a wide selection of various Mercedes-Benz parts, accessories, and upgrades, like bumper covers, grille assemblies, fenders, and bumper trims, to name a few. Its products are made of high-quality materials to deliver outstanding performance at prices that won’t break the bank.


Anzo offers a comprehensive selection of replacement parts and accessories at an affordable cost. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, it boasts innovative styling and product offerings, setting it apart from its competitors. Anzo also uses only the most advanced technological and economical methods to manufacture its OE-grade Mercedes-Benz accessories.


weathertech Cargo Mat black
Protect your Mercedes-Benz’s interior with accessories from WeatherTech.

Protect your Mercedes-Benz’s interior with accessories from WeatherTech. As one of the leading manufacturers of automobile floor mats and cargo mats, Weathertech offers customized and flexible products that work all year round for various Mercedes-Benz model years.


GenuineXL offers premium Mercedes-Benz replacement parts designed to replace stock equipment and accessories created to enhance the driving experience. It produces high-quality parts and accessories for various Mercedes Benz model years.

What Are Must-Have Mercedes-Benz Accessories?

Deciding which upgrades to get for your Mercedes-Benz can become overwhelming. To help you choose the best fit for your ride, we’ve put together a list of the most popular aftermarket Mercedes-Benz accessories that you should check out:

Floor Mat

Floor mats protect your ride’s flooring from getting scratched or scuffed by footwear and objects. They also block dirt, moisture, and other substances that can corrode the flooring. The best part is that they come in different types and colors.

Cargo Mat

Minimize wear and tear on your Mercedes-Benz’s rear compartment by using a cargo mat to protect it from moisture, stains, and debris. Choose from thermoplastic or rubberized cargo mats that can be molded to your trunk or compartment.

Bumper Cover Sill

Years of use putting cargo in your hatch and taking it back out can leave your bumper looking worse for wear. But you can hide that damage, or stop it from even happening in the first place with a rear bumper cover sill. Choose one that’s built from heavy-duty materials so you won’t have to worry about premature wear.

Bicycle Rack

If you like going on adventurous rides or have biking as a hobby, you should consider getting a bicycle rack for your Mercedes-Benz. Getting the right equipment minimizes the possibility of damaging your bike and your vehicle while transporting it. Arrive at your destination safely with heavy-duty bike racks with hitch, roof, trunk, or truck bed mounts.

Dash Cover

Cover up your cracked, faded, or stained dashboard with a new dash cover. It can also protect your dashboard from fading caused by excessive sun exposure and prevent staining from food and drinks. You can even choose one that’s in a different color from the rest of your ride’s interior or go for classic with one that’s in the same shade.

Sun Shade

weathertech sun shade
Block out the sun and keep the interior of your ride cool with a sun shade.

Block out the sun and keep the interior of your ride cool with a sun shade. This accessory also prevents damage to your dashboard and interior detailing caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Most sun shades come with a reflective film and can be bought in reflective silver and black and silver.

Door Light Projector

When you open up the door of your Mercedes-Benz coupe, sedan, or SUV, the light at the bottom illuminates the ground for you to step on it safely. Instead of a regular incandescent or LED light, these light projectors light up the ground with an actual Mercedes-Benz logo. If you want to showcase your love for your vehicle, this accessory is for you.

Mercedes accessories are a great way to enhance the looks and comfort of your Mercedes-Benz. We’ve shown you some of our favorite picks, but you can also ask other drivers for their accessory recommendations. Be sure to explore all of the options to find the perfect upgrades for your car.

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