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Gone are the days when consumers had no other color options for their vehicles except black. These days, car owners can have their rides painted in any color they want, in any finish they prefer. However, as it turns out, there are three colors that stand out among drivers.

In the Global Automotive Color Popularity Report for 2019 published by Axalta, it was revealed that 38 percent of customers prefer their vehicle in white. This marks the ninth consecutive year that white was chosen as the most popular choice among consumers. Second on the list is black with 19 percent and grey with 13 percent. These three colors, combined with silver in fourth place, make up for 80 percent of market share globally.

, These Are the Most Popular Car Colors in the World
In the United States alone, blue remains to be the most popular car color.

“While the top four neutral colors–white, black, grey, and silver–continue to lead preferences globally, we are starting to see other colors make moves in popularity that might not have been thinkable in past years,” said Axalta manager Nancy Lockhart. “For sure, the consumer is truly beginning to change the way they view their vehicle’s color.”

But when viewed from a regional perspective, the report shows that there are other car colors dominating the market. In North America, red cars are the most favored, while brown and beige ones are preferred in Russia. In Europe, grey is the most popular new car color, stealing the top spot from white for the first time after several years. Blue, meanwhile, remains the most popular choice in the United States and in the Old Continent.

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