Toyota Earns Milestone With 15M Hybrids Sold

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Toyota continues to prove why it is a leader in the automotive industry. Recently, the company announced it has sold a total of 15 million hybrid vehicles worldwide.

The automaker ventured into what was once an unexplored segment when it debuted the Prius in 1997. More than two decades later and with over 44 different hybrid models being offered under the Toyota and Lexus marques, the Japanese automaker proves how welcoming the public is of electrified technology in the industry.

In the United States, Toyota is currently offering the sixth generation Prius, as well as hybrid versions of other popular models such as the Corolla, Camry, Avalon, Rav4, and the Highlander, with the Rav4 being the fastest-selling model at the moment. It also has PHEV versions of the Prius and the Rav4 in the lineup.

Lexus, meanwhile, offers the ES, LS, UX, NX, RX, and LC hybrids.

Toyota Prius displayed in showroom
In the United States, Toyota is currently offering the sixth generation Prius. The Prius debuted in 1997.

Since the company introduced hybrid technology in its vehicles in 1997, demand for the product has continued to grow until it breached the 5 million unit mark in 2013. Four years later, it has recorded a total of 10 million units sold worldwide. It sold five million more units by 2020, repeating the same feat it did in 2017, only this time it did so in just three years.

For the automaker’s European division, having hybrid models in the lineup is a great move as it allowed the company to meet strict emissions regulations in the region.

“It is thanks to our hybrid sales that Toyota is well on its way to meeting the 95g/km target set by the EU for 2020 and 2021 in Europe, where CO2 regulations are the toughest in the world.” said Toyota Motor Europe Executive Vice President Matt Harrison. “In addition, our full hybrids are also incredibly effective at running without emissions for the majority of the time in cities.”

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