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Toyota just surpassed a momentous milestone 35 years into its car-building work in the United States. This month, the automaker has rolled its 30 millionth car off the assembly line.

The model that gets the distinction is a 2021 Sienna minivan equipped with a hybrid drivetrain. It was built in Toyota’s Princeton facility in Indiana, which is located near the borders with Illinois and Kentucky.

The Princeton assembly line is one of the 10 manufacturing plants operated by the automaker in the US on top of its four other locations in North America, accounting for about six decades of operations here.

Toyota’s early years in the US were unstable. Over the years, the company became successful in establishing its brand on its way to becoming what is now the world’s largest automaker in terms of sales.

emblem of 2021 toyota sienna platinum
A 2021 Toyota Sienna built in Toyota’s Princeton facility in Indiana is the brand’s 30 millionth car in the US. | Source: Toyota

In 2020, the Japanese car manufacturer sold more than 9.5 million vehicles globally, including models from its sub-brands Lexus and Daihatsu. In the US, at least 2.1 million new vehicles rolled out of dealerships last year, a huge percentage of which are hybrid units.

Toyota formally started its operations in the US in 1986 in the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc.  facility near San Francisco. It was a joint-venture with General Motors at the time, which saw Toyota building its Corolla models. At present, the plant is owned by Tesla.

Even with 30 million vehicles now sold to customers across America, Toyota isn’t planning to slow down.  After all, it just reclaimed the number one spot from Volkswagen as the top global brand in the automotive industry.

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