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Q: I have a Chevrolet Trax with a 1.4L engine. There is a clicking noise when turning left. What could the problem be? 

– Tonya Croy from Brilliant, Ohio

A: Hello, Tonya. The first thing I would check is the constant velocity (CV) axles. Front-wheel drive cars—as well as many four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles—use a pair of CV axles to transfer power to the front drive wheels.

Each CV axle has an inner and outer CV joint. The joints allow the CV axle shaft to move up and down as the vehicle travels over bumps. Also, the outer joints pivot to allow the front wheels to turn.

Worn outer CV joints typically make a clicking or snapping sound when the vehicle is cornering. Often, the sound is most noticeable when you’re cornering and accelerating at the same time.

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