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22 Inch Rims

Style Up Your Ride With Premium OE-Grade 22-Inch Rims.

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Bored or dissatisfied with the appearance of your vehicle’s standard wheels and rims? Style it up with 22-inch rims from We offer 22-inch rims for various makes and models that are built to last. All our products are on hand and ready to ship from strategically located warehouses across the country. Find and order exactly what you need in a matter of minutes. Check out our 22-inch rims and shop now! 

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Wheel rims serve as a sturdy base for your tires, ensuring they stay attached to the wheels. They also enhance the look of your wheels and the rest of your vehicle. Usually made from high-quality aluminum or steel, 22-inch rims are designed to fit wheels of the same size. If your ride has wheels of the same specs, these rims will ensure a snug fit and a hassle-free installation. Aluminum rims are lightweight, which minimizes their impact on your ride’s road performance, while steel rims are sturdier, so they’re perfect for customizing heavy-duty and off-road vehicles.

Here at, we offer 22-inch rims for trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans designed as direct-fit parts for various makes and models. We exclusively source each product from manufacturers that are trusted by drivers across the US. Simply use our website’s vehicle selector to find what you need with a few clicks. Choose from trusted brands like AutoWheels, Dorman, and Pro Comp to get the best value for your money.

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Shopping online for aftermarket 22-inch rims saves you the time you’d otherwise spend browsing shelves and lining up at brick-and-mortar stores. Our aftermarket 22-inch rims are manufactured in world-class facilities and meet strict standards of quality control. At, we take steps to provide our customers with an enjoyable shopping experience. If you have questions about our products, our friendly 24-hour customer service team is always ready to help. We ship orders immediately, so you can get your new 22-inch rims in as fast as two business days. Shop now to get the best deals on 22-inch rims!

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