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The bumpers on your vehicle may come in different shapes and have different locations, but their functions remain the same: to absorb and dissipate vibrations or collision impact. Among your vehicle's bumpers is the A arm bumper, positioned at the linkages on your vehicle's front suspension.This bumper absorbs impact and vibration transferred to the wheels due to road irregularities. With this bumper, the A arm can function without being disturbed by potholes and bumps on the road.The right A arm bumper can extend the service life of your vehicle's A arm, making the suspension system more efficient. Due to its function though, this bumper is one auto part that needs regular maintenance.And if the damage is too severe to repair, don't hesitate to get a replacement. A arm bumpers are relatively affordable, especially when you shop here at Carparts.

• Protects the A arm from damage due to vibration and collision impact

• Improves the suspension system's functions

• Especially molded for added strength

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