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A/C Wiring Harness

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4-Seasons 37215 A/C Wiring Harness - Direct Fit
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Anticipated Ship Out Time : 1-2 Business DaysQuantity Sold : Sold individually
4-Seasons 37227 A/C Wiring Harness - Direct Fit
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Notes : For 2 terminal A/C Pressure switches; For use with part numbers 36664 , 36659 , 36659 , 36664 , 35969 , 35970 , 35972 , 35973 , 36659 , 36661 , 36663 , 36664 , 36666 , 36668 , 36669 , 36671 , 37311Anticipated Ship Out Time : 1-2 Business DaysQuantity Sold : Sold individually
4-Seasons 37208 A/C Wiring Harness - Direct Fit
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Notes : For 5 terminal relay; For use with part numbers 35902, 35903, 35905, 35906, 35916, 35918Anticipated Ship Out Time : 1-2 Business DaysQuantity Sold : Sold individually
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A/C Wiring Harness Guides

Your Guide to Getting the Best A/C Wiring Harness Possible

An A/C (air conditioner) wiring harness—also known as a cable harness, wiring assembly, wiring loom, cable assembly, and so forth—is a cable or wire assembly that transmits signals or electrical power to your A/C. It is equal parts your plug to activate your A/C or HVAC system and your cable management system that keeps all your A/C wiring in one neat package. It reduces potential octopus or spaghetti connections by binding together your wires with a fuse block, a weave of extruded string, and the like.

Buying Tips and Tricks

  • Buy an Easy-to-Install A/C Wiring Loom: Make sure your wire assembly kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions that ensure 20-30 minutes of installation time. When putting on your harness to your A/C wires, you'll need to first cut the wires at a desired length with your special wire cutter or wire-cutting machine. The wires could also be printed on by a special machine during the cutting process. Other looms ensure more of a plugandplay usability with little to no wire modification.
  • Search for the Most Comprehensive A/C Wiring Harness Kit Available: A good wiring harness kit should be complete with all the necessities for cable management, such as an extruded string weave, a pre-terminated fuse block, sleeves, terminals, connectors, cable lacing, cable zip ties, straps, or any combination thereof. The point here is to put all the wires in one harness to keep them from getting in the way of your driving, and having multiple lacing or zip ties allows for effective multi-wire arrangement.
  • Shop for a Wiring Assembly with Color Coding and Easy Categorization:Another concern when it comes to buying one of these A/C harnesses is color coding. Your potential or prospective wire or cable harness choice should allow for easy color coding or categorization of the wires so that you know which wire goes where without being confused. Your one relay harness should be able to power both passenger and driver sides of your A/C.
  • Look for A/C Cable Harnesses that Superbly Protect Your Wires from Damage: When shopping for an A/C wiring harness or any type of cable harness, durability should be your top priority. After all, aside from use in automobiles, harnesses are also dependable when it comes to neatly categorizing and arranging rugged construction machinery wires or even the cables of your computer. The fuse block should be so thick it's practically bulletproof and the wiring should be pre-terminated to the fuse block.
  • Get an A/C Cable Assembly that Ensures No Breakdowns or Malfunctions: Your wire harness for your A/C should prevent your A/C from going out due to a poor connection. To be more specific, search for assemblies with a 40-amp relay and a 30-amp fuse to ensure smooth HVAC operation all the way through with no power interruptions or accidental wire damage due to low electrical current. It should also be made of topnotch materials (like high-grade PVC and plastic for the fuse box) and tools.


When buying an A/C wiring harness, you should pay close attention to how the cables are assembled and clamped as well as how much of the work is already done with your wiring assembly and how much more work you'll need to install the harness to your car and HVAC system. You'll essentially have to clamp together the wires on a pin board or assembly board according to the design specifications or instructions of your manual.

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