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Adjustable Clutch Rod

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Adjustable Clutch Rod Guides

Whether your vehicle is equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic clutch, the clutch linkage definitely uses an adjustable clutch rod. In a mechanical set-up, this bar is responsible for pressing into the throw-out bearing.In doing so, the rod allows the clutch to disengage. On the other hand, a hydraulic clutch linkage's clutch rod is connected to the master cylinder.When you step on your vehicle's clutch, the rod creates pressure on the master cylinder. In turn, the pressure causes the slave cylinder to move the control arm and release the clutch.To replace or upgrade your vehicle's adjustable clutch rod, you can check out our complete line here at Carparts. We guarantee our products are made only by experts in the industry.

• Helps engage or disengage your vehicle's clutch mechanism

• Compatible with most OE clutch systems

• Made only from durable materials designed to last under extreme heat and pressure

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