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A DIY Air Cleaner Bracket Replacement Guide

Automotive air cleaners vary in location inside the vehicle depending on the make, model, and brand of automobile in question. In general, they're found behind the glove compartment of any given car, truck, or van. This cleaner makes use of micron filter material in order to eliminate contaminants like allergens, pollutants, and so forth from entering your ride. On that note, here's how you repair or replace an air cleaner's mounting bracket to ensure it is kept in its proper place.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

What You'll Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Replacement cabin air cleaner bracket

Step 1: Open your passenger's side door (the one parallel to the driver's side door) then open the glove compartment from there. Take off all the contents of that drawer and then set them aside for now. Get them out of your way.

Step 2: Search for and access the retaining screw of the glove box's lower right hand side. It's the screw retaining the stop arm's eyelet clip. As such, unscrew this fastener for the sake of removal using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Step 3: Let your glove compartment drop down gradually and gently from the stop arm. Expect the retainers on each side of the box to only allow it to drop downward slightly and react accordingly in catching the box properly.

Step 4: Ensure the release of the side retainers by carefully (but not forcefully) pushing on both the left and right side of the both. This will activate the retainers' release mechanism that will drop the box down further.

Step 5: Look for the filter cover from the back of the glove compartment's hole or cavity. Hold and remove it by pulling from the outlet the filter housing. You are now nearing the filter or air cleaner bracket.

Step 6: Before removing the air cleaner from the filter housing and bracket, inspect its air flow position. On the side of the filter, there are arrow labels that dictate its proper positioning.

Step 7: Inspect the bracket for damage or if it's still salvageable with sealant. Loosen the hex bolts on the small and large brackets on the air cleaner housing to remove them and then install the new brackets with either the stock bolts or the supplied bolts.

Step 8: When installing the new brackets, make sure the hex bolt's flat side is even with the bracket's tab. Reinstall the air cleaner to the housing bracket by making sure the air flow direction is aligned with the filter positioning.

Step 9: Go in reverse order to how you removed the bracket. Reinstall the housing to the outlet, squeeze the glove compartment's sides to snap the side retainers back, and lift the glove box upwards to align its stop arm with the retaining screw hole.

Step 10: Finish up by replacing the screws and tightening them Put all the contents of your glove compartment back then start your car to see if your air cleaner is working properly.

In the Eighties, there were only a limited amount of vehicles with integrated cabin air cleaners or filters. This changed from then till now, with a myriad of automobiles adopting this tech, particularly those with passenger cabs since studies show that they're six times more polluted than the air outside the car. Regardless, these cleaners require the right bracket to mount or house them properly in your vehicle.

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