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It's common automotive knowledge that your car's engine needs air for proper fuel combustion. Few drivers seem to remember, though, that the engine can get more use out of cool air. The cooler the air fed into your car's engine is, the more efficiently the engine burns fuel.Slipping ice packs into the engine bay definitely won't help, but an air filter heat shield can come in handy. The shield basically prevents heat from warming up the air entering your car's air filter. Every degree air intake temperature drops makes a big difference in the engine's ability to create more power.Cooler air allows the engine to burn fuel more completely, allowing the engine to produce more horsepower when you want it to. This is clearly one of the cheapest and easiest modifications you can do to boost the engine's performance.Carparts has plenty of air filter heat shield brands for you to choose from.

• Prevents heat from warming up air entering your engine

• Helps your car's engine produce more horsepower

• Installs very easily and comes with installation instructions

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