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Monroe AK16 Air Fitting - Direct Fit, Sold individually
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Location : RearNotes : Suspension self-leveling valve fittingWarranty : Lifetime Monroe limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individually
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Air Fitting Guides

How to Get the Right Air Fitting

If the nuts and bolts break or go missing and the lines, fittings, and connectors tear apart, there'll be trouble brewing on your vehicle. These can affect vehicle control and stability. If the air fitting is no longer up to snatch or is already worn out, you should be on your way to finding the right replacement. We can help you figure things out with this short guide.

Find the perfect match.

You shouldn't settle for less. Instead, you should always do your best to find the perfect match. You want the air fitting to secure the connection and not ruin anything. Search for a dependable OE replacement. The new air fitting should restore function and ensure exact fitment. This way, there won't be any problem with the connection. As you shop around, narrow down your search to replacement parts that are designed specifically for the year, make, and model of the vehicle. By finding the right match, installation should be straightforward and almost hassle-free.

Focus on quality.

Top brands and trusted manufacturers offer CAD-engineered fittings that ensure precision and performance. These fittings are manufactured using the most reliable materials, the latest technologies, and triedandtested manufacturing processes and techniques. These ensure proper form and reliable function, making sure that the parts are built with the right specifications and are designed to last. Top-quality replacement parts undergo testing for quality control.

Check the specs.

Air fittings may come in different specifications. In order to find the right replacement, pay attention to the item specifics. These include the male thread size, angle, or hose barb size, depending on the application. The air fitting may be sold individually or can be a part of a kit, which may come with a coupler and a plug. Refer to your vehicle manual for the specifications. A reputable auto parts store should be able to present you with all the fitting options for your vehicle. It could provide reliable technical support and should offer a wide-range selection for both imported and domestic makes and models.

Search for the best prices.

The price of the air fitting varies widely, depending on the brand, application, vehicle, and other features. While some are sold for about 13USD, others can be bought for as much as 20USD. Some stores can offer as much as 15% savings.


  • Look for a replacement part that's offered with a good product warranty, which guarantees quality.
  • Explore your options. Shop around and compare. Some stores can beat or match prices. You can also get a discount through promos.
  • Use product reviews as a guide or reference. Some users can give you the pros and cons and even give you an idea about product quality through their experience.
  • Consider other products that you may need to buy along with the air fitting. Before you go shopping for a replacement, run some tests or do some inspections. This will tell you which parts you may need to add to your cart or purchase. Along with air fitting, you may also buy a new air hose, for instance.

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