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6 Steps on How to Install an Air Spring Spacer

An air spacer is important to your vehicle because it gives your vehicle's air suspension theextra boost and lift it needs. If you do not have a high-quality suspension, you will most probably feel all the blows and bumps on the road, and this is not a good experience at all. Getting an air spring spacer for your vehicle's suspension system will help solve these common problems. You can easily find an air spacer in your local auto parts shop that will match your vehicle's specification. Air spacers are customizable, and you can adjust the height depending on your desired level.

Difficulty level:Difficult

Things you'll need:

  • Drill
  • Ratchet
  • 9/16" socket
  • 5/8" socket
  • 7” ratchet extension
  • 7/16" drill bit

Step 1: Work in a shady and well-ventilated area, and make sure to have all the materials and tools needed for this DIY installation.

Step 2: Begin the assembly on the left side of the vehicle, and install the upper bracket of your new air spring spacer. We highly recommend you to read the instructions provided in the kit.

Step 3: Next, carefully install the air spring spacer to the bottom of the air spring. Use the 3/8” - 16 x 3/4” flange bolt from the kit. And make sure that the sticker is installed towards the rear of the vehicle.

Step 4: In the kit, you will find the 7/16 flat washers, 7/16" lock washers, 7/16" x 1 1/2” bolts, and the lower bracket. And you need to drill 7/16” hole to the air spring mounting holes located in the lower bracket.

Step 5: You need to carefully mount the lower bracket into the bottom of the spacer. For this step, you will use the 7/16" x 1 1/2” bolt, 7/16 flat washer and 7/16 lock washer.

Step 6: Take note that for the assembly and installation for the right side of your vehicle, you just need to follow the steps above.

Always check if there's proper clearance around the springs. Take note that there should be at least ½” clearance around the spring (with vehicle load and inflated air helper springs). Also, vehicles will have different handling characteristics and reaction. You need to keep in mind that this modification to enhance your off-road performance might increase the center of gravity.

When choosing an air spring spacer, make sure to consider the quality as a top priority. Do not settle for cheap spacer that is not as good as the expensive ones. We recommend you to check different brands so you may be able to compare the quality, material, efficiency, and the price of the air spring spacers before purchasing your spacer. We also recommend you to choose an air spring spacer that comes with a warranty that covers a long period of time. This will protect your investment and will save you more money.


  • Always be careful when driving in certain conditions that may cause your vehicle to loss control.
  • Always drive safely to avoid imbalance and/or any other road accidents that can be fatal.
  • Avoid abrupt maneuvers. Sudden sharp turns might cause your vehicle to roll over which eventually can result in serious injury.


  • If you are a beginner DIYer, this DIY installation job might not be easy for you. We recommend you to ask help and assistance from a trained and qualified mechanic make the job easier for you.

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