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Ansa - 1999-2002 Toyota 4Runner Natural Muffler
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Location : RearColor/Finish : NaturalQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : Ansa 1-Year Limited Warranty
Ansa - 1985-1988 BMW Natural Muffler
Part Number: ANSABW4545
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Location : CenterColor/Finish : NaturalQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : Ansa 1-Year Limited Warranty
Ansa - 2000-2002 Nissan Sentra Natural Muffler
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Color/Finish : NaturalQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : Ansa 1-Year Limited Warranty
Ansa - 1996-1997 Toyota RAV4 Natural Muffler
Part Number: ANSATY21005
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Product Details
Color/Finish : NaturalQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : Ansa 1-Year Limited Warranty
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Top-of-the-line and best-of-the-best-these are what we look for when we go out and buy car parts and accessories. And no one offers this better than ANSA Automotive. Known for its expertise in exhaust systems, ANSA carries only the best exhaust parts for import cars. The company boasts a wide selection of products to address and meet your automotive needs. Being the focus of the company, the company prides itself in offering the ANSA Exhaust.

ANSA Exhaust products are the different parts that help in the emission of your vehicle's exhaust gases. Made from either zinc-coated mild steel or stainless steel, ANSA Exhaust provides you with different pipes and mufflers that allow the free-flowing transmission of exhaust gases from the engine to the rear end of the vehicle. The pipes are equipped with silencers that decrease the noise produced by the vehicle's engine. These parts connect your car's exhaust manifold, where it receives and transmits hot gases to the header pipe, to the catalytic converter and finally into the different pipes until the gases exit the vehicle.

The primary function of the ANSA Exhaust is to ensure that the exhaust gases emitted by your car's engine are properly transmitted and expelled to keep them from entering and contaminating your car's passenger compartment. To pull this off, there are different components that lead the gases to the catalytic converter, where it the gases' harmful contaminants like carbon dioxide are converted into water vapor or into useful by-products. Once they're converted, these harmless gases are transmitted and released into the atmosphere. The expulsion of these harmful materials enables your vehicle to provide you with optimum performance.

So to keep your vehicle's performance from faltering because of the harmful exhaust gases, make sure you equip your car with components from ANSA Exhaust. Not only will you get the most out of your vehicle, but it will also assure you that its emissions are toxic-free and environmental-friendly. So get one for your car today/

Choosing the Right Ansa Product, For the Right Job

Ansa exhaust has always been at the leading edge of high-performance exhaust systemsjust ask the engineers at Ferrari

Using aluminized steel and stainless internals, Ansa exhaust systems are built to sound good for the long term

Famous for Triumph, MG, and Alfa Romeo exhaust systems, Ansa can help your European or Asian vehicle perform to its full potential

The polished stainless steel or chrome tips on your Ansa muffler are the final touch on a premium exhaust product

Ansa exhaust systems were famous in import sport circles long before the recent sport compact craze took hold. Forget about your Toyotas and Hondaswe're talking about Ansa exhaust systems for Triumphs, Alfa Romeos, and MGs! These cars were driven to and from work all week long and then raced hard on weekends, and their Ansa exhaust systems performed beautifully at both. Even though the cars have changed, the quality and benefits of an Ansa exhaust installation haven't. Premium materials and an exceptional powerband are always complemented by that famous, throaty Ansa exhaust sound. The result is magic, and the Ansa exhaust note has been music to car enthusiasts' ears for decades now. Ansa exhaust systems are made in direct-fit form for most popular import applications, giving you a high-performance option for a stock exhaust replacement. Most folks will probably want to look at the Sport line of Ansa exhaust products. This is the same equipment that is selected by Ferrari for its exhaust systems, so imagine what a Sport Ansa exhaust can do for the output and sound quality of your Nissan or Acura. Dump the puttering coffee can exhaust that makes all your friends' cars sound like unmufflered mopeds. Get a real exhaustan Ansa exhaustand show em what horsepower should sound like.

No one can argue that the Italians know a thing or two about powerful cars. After all, the home of the Ansa muffler is also the home of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, and Maserati. Not coincidentally, you'll find an Ansa muffler beneath most of the vehicles produced by those manufacturers. The Ansa muffler has a long history of producing tons of horsepower by creating very little exhaust restriction. Coupled with exceptional build quality and a famously throaty sound, the Ansa muffler became famous enough to have found its way onto lesser cars of all makes and models too. If you drive a European or Asian import, you owe it to yourself and your car to see if an Ansa muffler is available for your application. You'll get an aluminized shell that's fully welded for durability, and the internal components on your Ansa muffler are stainless steel for long life. The outside is then painted black and stainless or chrome tips finish off the package. It's economical, it's powerful, and the sound has to be heard to be believed. The design of the Ansa muffler makes it an easy bolt-on installation too, and it's legal in all 50 states. So what are you waiting for? Order an Ansa muffler today and enjoy the sound and the fury, Italian style.

Ansa: Provider of Performance Exhaust Solutions

Before Ansa became a household name for performance exhaust parts and reliable solutions, it started out as a small workshop in Italy. The family-owned business was born out of a man's passion for Italian cars. Initially, Ansa designed exhaust systems for the Ferrari until the business grew and its reach expanded throughout Europe. Its product range also expanded and included well-known speedsters of the 1960s and 1970s. The Italian manufacturer eventually introduced its products to the US through foreign car parts importers before it was able to put up its own distribution outlet in South Georgia, which was prompted by its success in the US automotive parts market.

Ansa has introduced innovative exhaust system parts and solutions as it became a global brand and distributor. These include the Silverline exhaust systems, universal mufflers and tips for the sport compacts, and the performance exhaust systems for light trucks that run on diesel. As it continues to develop performance exhaust systems and components, Ansa has provided the market with larger options when it comes to materials and exhaust designs. The offered automotive solutions aren't just limited to Ferraris and other European sports cars. It also caters to more automotive makes such as Honda, BMW, and Dodge.

High-performance catalytic converters

Ansa catalytic converters are built to be efficient and reliable. They're designed to reduce toxic exhaust gases emitted from the vehicle. To achieve this, each unit is made using high-grade raw materials and components to make it durable and effective. So even when exposed to the damaging elements, the unit won't break or malfunction easily. Each unit is built to match the specs of a particular vehicle, making it easy to install. This is tested to ensure not just proper fitment but also dependable performance.

High-quality pipes

The brand also offers a good selection of pipes, from the exhaust pipe and the header pipe to the tail pipe, flex pipe, and down pipe. A tail pipe extension is also included in this product range. These pipes are built to restore broken connections and ensure proper flow. Exhaust pipes are even designed as mandrel-bent tubes to make them less restrictive and allow exhaust gases to pass through easily. For dependable quality, these pipes are manufactured using solid materials such as aluminized steel. They have tough corrosion protection, all thanks to their coating and finish. To replace the weak link and make sure that the new pipe can fit right into the system, the parts are designed according to OE specs and to meet, or even exceed, the OEM standards. This assures compatibility with the rest of the exhaust system such as the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor.

High-grade mufflers

Ansa's better-selling products include its line of high-quality mufflers. These are made to fit and last. The company uses the latest in exhaust systems technology to produce parts and components that can ensure proper form and function and uncompromised performance. The mufflers are made to provide quality fit and great sound. They undergo stringent product testing and quality control to ensure that they can last and that they match a specific application. Ansa exhaust parts and kits are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using advanced technologies and machinery and with the right testing equipment for quality assessment.

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