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If you are noticing more static as you tune in to your favorite radio station, perhaps you should check the condition of your Ford antenna. The quality of the sound that comes to you through the vehicle radio depends heavily on the signal it receives through the Ford antenna. The signal that you tune in on your radio dial is broadcast into the air within a wave of electromagnetic energy. Your Ford antenna is designed with a conductive metal mast to receive this broadcast energy, catching it out of the air. The signal then travels through the Ford antenna mast to the radio through the wires that connect the two. Your radio will then decode the signal and add power, sending the sound out through the speakers for your listening pleasure. If the radio is not receiving a strong enough signal from the Ford antenna, it will not be able to transmit clear sound. This poor reception often brings the annoying crackle and buzz of static to drown out your favorite radio station. Poor reception can be caused by a bent or broken Ford antenna, or by loose connecting wires between the radio and antenna, which can create the whine and hum as well. A power Ford antenna that will not extend completely can cause a poor signal, or an antenna loosened by corrosion may not transmit as well as it should. Replacing your Ford antenna is a reasonably simple job, and the replacements are quite inexpensive, especially if you choose yours from the selection featured in our online catalog. Ordering your Ford antenna will be quick and convenient on our secure site or our excellent customer service will make ordering on our toll-free phone line just as efficient.

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