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16-15SET Arm Rest - Direct Fit, Set of 2
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Vehicle Fitment
  • 1977 Chevrolet Impala Custom All Engines
  • 1977 - 1979 Chevrolet Impala Landau All Engines
  • 1977 - 1982 Chevrolet Impala Base All Engines
  • 1979 - 1980 Chevrolet Impala Sport All Engines
  • 1981 - 1982 Chevrolet Impala Estate All Engines
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Location : Front, Driver And Passenger SideWarranty : 18-month ACCU-Form limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 2-3 business daysQuantity Sold : Set of 2
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Chevrolet Impala Arm Rest Guides

Causes of Cracked Chevrolet Impala Arm Rests

One of the great features of the classic Chevrolet Impala are its iconic and beautiful looks inside and outside. However, cracks commonly plague the car's arm rests. Having these inside your car is a big blow to the interior's look and finish. The great thing is that you can get these detailed and replaced. However, if you don't know why this happened to the vinyl surface in the first place, chances are you'll find your new ones in the same condition very soon. To help you with the investigation, the following are some of the common causes behind cracked arm rests in an Impala:

Stains on the arm rests aren't taken care of.

Anything unmaintained is a big factor to anything that gets ugly and old. Stains are big threats to the condition of vinyl arm rests. The likes of body oil from the skin, spilled takeout food and drink, murky rain water, mud and dirt brought in by passengers, and many more easily stick to and damage the surface. Repetitively getting these on the arm rests, even in small amounts, isn't a good idea. Also, if these aren't properly wiped and cleaned quickly after the damage happens, the integrity of the vinyl is greatly compromised.

People put too much weight on the arm rests.

Arm rests are designed to be able to handle a considerable amount of weight from your arm and upper body. However, lean on these too much and you can excessively stretch the vinyl. The problem is made worse if you are somewhat a heavy-set person. Anybody who rides in the front seat of your Impala should consider sitting straight and not bend towards these supports.

The arm rests are excessively heated.

The vinyl surface of the arm rests easily crack when they are dried, and this is what precisely happens when these are excessively heated. This usually happens in two ways: overexposure to sunlight or extreme temperature inside the Impala. It's possible that you always park your car under the sun without any protective covering or shade. Another scenario would be that you live and drive in an area that's generally very warm or cold, and the air inside is too dry.

Taking Care of Chevrolet Impala Arm Rests

If it looks and feels expensive, it probably is. This should be your mindset every time you think about the arm rests of your Chevrolet Impala. The last things you want to see inside this American classic are patches of cracked and faded plastic supports for your arms. Despite being a small detail in the car's interior, these small vinyl braces deserve your care and attention. As far as vinyl arm rests are concerned, proper usage, cleaning, and storage must be observed in order for you to take care of these. The following are some tips for you:

Use cloth to wipe the surface.

Cotton cloth is a good material to use when wiping the arm rests. This is soft and will not greatly damage the finish of the vinyl. Paper towel on the other hand feels very rough and firm. Insisting on using this can scratch and damage the surface of the arm rests rather than clean and maintain it.

Spray special cleaners instead of water.

For tough and resistant dirt on the arm rest, it's better to use special cleaners instead of water. Leather and vinyl reacts unfavorably to pure water in a way that it ends up looking a lot worse than how it began. Don't forget to go over the corners, tight spots, slots, and grooves for a comprehensive clean. Apply some conditioner or finisher to maintain the fresh-clean look.

Park the car in a cool and dry place.

Extremely warm or cold temperature is a sure way to put cracks on these arm rests. As a precaution, park the Impala in a garage. The conditions inside are more controlled compared to the outside. If you must park somewhere with direct exposure to the weather, try to keep a plastic cover over the car or lay some cloth over the interior to protect the upholstery.

Leave windows open in summer.

It's generally hotter inside your car than it is outside. During summer, the weather is warmer compared to other seasons of the year. Combine those two settings together, and you have a very bad mix for your Chevy's arm rests. If your car is parked in a safe place and won't be used for a while, it's recommended that you leave the windows slightly open so that heat inside is able to go out. This places your arm rests on a more favorable environment as opposed to a hotter one.

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