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Axle Beam Replacement: Some Helpful Tips to Remember

An axle beam is a type of suspension system which supports the wheels with a single beam. Like every other suspension components, this is also durably constructed to stand the harsh effects of everyday wear and tear. However, this doesn't make it entirely resistant to damage. A faulty axle beam may cause loud squealing sounds and excessive vibration, which can negatively affect the performance of your car. If you've been having these problems, replace the damaged axle beam as soon as you can. Here's how you can change it with a new one in a jiffy:

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you'll need:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Wrench
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Replacement axle beam
  • Owner's manual

Step 1: Get your workplace ready for this replacement procedure. Declutter the area and make sure that the floor's surface is nice and even. The last thing you want is for this task to get delayed just because you can't find your tools amidst the clutter.

Step 2: Jack your car up and ensure that it's properly supported with jack stands before you proceed to the rest of the replacement process.

Step 3: Using a wrench, remove the lug nuts of the wheel one at a time. It's a good idea to put all of the lug nuts in one clean container to make reinstallation a lot faster.

Step 4: Take the wheel off the vehicle and remove its hub from the spindle. To do this, you should detach the nuts that are securing the hub to the spindle first.

Step 5: After taking the hub off, you should be able to remove the backing plates and brake assembly as well. Keep in mind that these are sensitive components of your car; take care not to damage them in any way to keep your vehicle safe on the road.

Step 6: Detach the nuts and bolts that are attached to the axle beam.

Step 7: Slowly pull the damaged axle beam off the car and set it aside.

Step 8: Put the replacement axle beam in place and secure it with the nuts and bolts that you removed from the old one. Make sure that you properly torque the fasteners up according to the manufacturer-recommended specification. Consult your owner's manual to find out the proper torque rating for your car's nuts and bolts.

Step 9: Reattach the backing plates and brake assembly on the spindle.

Step 10: Place the wheel hub back to the spindle. Make sure that it's properly aligned to avoid complications.

Step 11: Reattach the vehicle's wheel and place its lug nuts back. Again, you should make sure that it's tightened up properly.

Step 12: Lower your car and take it on a test drive to see if the new axle beam is functioning correctly.

If done properly, the entire task of replacing the axle beam of your vehicle may take just around one hour to finish. Make sure that you practice proper safety precautions!

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