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Autometer 9215 Battery Pack - Universal
Part Number: A489215
Universal Fit
Product Details
Notes : Do Not Expose To Underhood TemperaturesWarranty : 1-year Autometer limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 7-8 business daysQuantity Sold : Sold individually
Autometer 9217 Battery Pack - Universal
Part Number: A489217
Universal Fit
Product Details
Notes : Includes Battery Pack And Charger; Do Not Expose To Underhood Temperatures; Not For Use With Any Other Batteries; Fast Charger 14.9VDC; Float Charge 13.8VDCWarranty : 1-year Autometer limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : 7-8 business daysQuantity Sold : Kit
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Battery Pack Guides

Getting a Battery Pack for Your Hybrid Car

Hybrid cars have been developed to further harness electric energy and support environmental preservation efforts all around the globe. It started out as a bold endeavor by auto manufacturers in hopes to change the trend among conventional vehicles that run on internal combustion engines alone. The hybrid is equipped with a battery pack that provides the needed jolt to operate the electric motor plus the other components in the system. Here are some things to consider when you are to look for a replacement for your power source.

Compatibility with your vehicle

Each battery design is created to match the load requirements of a hybrid car. You should look into the capacity of the pack if it can generate the necessary amount of electric power. Likewise, you should also consider the dimensions and its ability to be integrated to the system without having to do any modifications. Planting just any battery without regard for the correct compatibility can compromise the functions of your vehicle.

Material composition

The material used in the bus bar also plays a role in determining the lifespan of the battery pack. Copper is a commonly used in the regular packs provided by the manufacturer. However, this composition is more prone to corrosion. Once it sets in, it can render the part useless and That is why materials like nickel is used as an alternative. Look at providers that offer this because it might be a better option for you and your vehicle.

Getting a remanufactured battery

You might get the impression that remanufactured products are less capable than their brand new counterparts. But that is necessarily true. You can say the same with battery packs. Companies get what is salvageable from old packs and rehabilitate it with the correct parts. Some components used in it are new or even upgraded. More than that, the product undergoes thorough testing before it is put back in the market for sale. While you might have to deal with the fact that the product is not 100% unused, you are offered a certain level of assurance that it will work to expectations. It is a practical solution that can even have some improvements along the way.

While you might also be inclined to get a brand new battery pack from the original equipment manufacturer, it can be more costly on your part. On the brighter side, you will be quite certain that all specifications of an OE product fits the bill.

Considering the package that comes along with the product

While the battery packs are competitively priced with each other, you might want to look into other inclusive deals with the package. You might have already narrowed down your choices after considering the mentioned factors above. You would want to get the right bang for the buck for your purchase. It would be handy if you can avail any of those along with your battery pack.

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