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There are several types of grille styles and designs to suit the specification and configurations of various auto makes and models. The grille is the visible opening on the front section of the vehicle which serves as the passageway of the air to enter the radiator for ventilation of the engine. Aside from this primary function, the grille can also serve as a body styling accessory to enhance the car's exterior stance and appeal.

GMC auto makes and models have one of the highly durable and efficient grilles to match its confident style. Your car can have the same looks by mounting GMC billet grille in place of your usual factory grilles. GMC billet grille is a great choice for auto parts and accessories buyers and customers who want to perk up the over all stance and style of their driving machine.

Aside from universal made grills, custom car billet grilles are also offered in the market to speak up for the potentials of the vehicle including its responsive and smooth handling, driving dynamics and performance.

Damaged and defective grilles can have counter effects not only on the sleek confident aura of the car but also on its over-all performance. Repairs can be done but in case it cannot correct the damage then replacement is the next best choice. There are long array of brands and names to choose from and one of those is Mercedes Benz billet grille. You can have it through your nearest auto store or dealer or through the newest web based stores.

The internet is a good choice for buyers who want to stay away from the usual hassle and bustle of traditional stores which may include using up time, effort and money in going from one store to the other just to pick out the best replacement from among the rest.

How to Repair a Bent GMC Billet Grille

Grille works three-way. It primarily aids in preventing engine overheating by blowing cool air into the engine area and into the radiator. While doing so, it also blocks roadway debris that might cause damage in any of the vital parts that are located under the hood. And as one of the highlights of the vehicle's fascia, the grille definitely boosts the appearance of your car. For that matter, the aesthetic design of GMC billet grille is made to complement the car's overall look. But when it becomes bent due to an accident or age, a repair can still be done.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Anodized flat aluminum bar or scrap aluminum bar
  • Mill vice and large aluminum parallel clamp or hammer
  • Acetylene and welding rod
  • Hand drill
  • Grinder
  • Marker
  • Sander

Step 1:Remove the entire billet grille assembly in order to get the particular bar that has been bent. Depending on the mounting hardware, you may need screwdrivers and wrenches to undo the attachments.

Step 2:Lay the assembly on a working table, and take everything apart, including the billet grille bars, spacers, connecting rods, as well as the top and bottom plates.

Step 3:Get the bent billet grill bar, and inspect whether it could possibly regain its straight form. Remember that a bend may actually be a mix of curve and a kink that goes the opposite directions. This kind of damage is hard to fix, so just cut the bent portion off.

Step 4:Straighten the bar using a mill vice and a large aluminum parallel clamp. If you do not have these tools, you may use a hammer instead. After that, the part that is hard to straighten will become obvious. That part is to be removed.

Step 5:Using a marker, mark the portion where you should cut using a handheld grinder

Step 6:Cut a piece from the anodized aluminum bar that's of the same length that was removed from the billet grille. This piece is the one that will be used to supply as a new section in place of the portion that was removed. You can also get that piece from a scrap aluminum bar that has the same thickness as the bars of your GMC billet grille.

Step 7:Smoothen out the edges of the aluminum piece for the new section. If you don't have a belt sander, you may use a grinder with its sanding disc on.

Step 8:Weld the new section to the billet grill bar, and then, smoothen out the connecting point with the grinder. Work until the new section blends out with the original piece. Polish all sides until no welded portion is visible.

Step 9:If the new section should cover the portion through which a connecting rod should go, you need to make a hole on it with a hand drill. Make sure to use the drill bit that would create a hole that's just right for the connecting rods.

Step 10:Paint as necessary. And then, reassemble all parts of the GMC billet grille back.

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