2021 Toyota Camry Gets Updated Safety Sense 2.5+

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With the alarming number of pedestrian accidents in the United States, automakers have taken the responsibility of improving the technology in their respective models to help address the problem.

One of them is Toyota, which is giving the 2021 Camry updated safety and driver assistance features.

In an announcement shared by the Japanese carmaker, it revealed that the company will debut the Safety Sense 2.5+ on the soon-to-arrive Camry model. The safety suite, according to Toyota, will have the ability to better identify pedestrians and cyclists.

To put it in their words, the Safety Sense 2.5+ feature will help the Camry detect “a preceding bicyclist in daytime and even a preceding pedestrian in low-light conditions.” This update is geared toward improving the protection of pedestrians better than the previous system.

Product shot of 2021 Toyota Camry
The 2021 Toyota Camry may also be possibly equipped with automatic braking in certain conditions. | Source: Toyota

Moreover, it will also be able to detect both vehicles and pedestrians at intersections when the driver is making a left turn. Other than audio and visual alerts, the 2021 Camry may possibly be equipped with automatic braking in certain conditions.

Toyota is also adding a new feature that allows drivers to overtake slower traffic with the use of adaptive cruise control. To do this, a driver has to enable the turn signal and input the steering wheel to move lanes. The sedan will then speed up to overtake. The new feature will be helpful for drivers trying to merge into traffic while traveling.

Aside from the additional technology, standard features of the Safety Sense package such as automatic high-beams, adaptive cruise control, road-sign recognition, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist will remain.

In a report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this year, pedestrian traffic deaths in the United States has increased by 3% in 2018.

Following the arrival of the Safety Sense 2.5+ suite in the 2021 Camry, it is expected to be included as well in other Toyota models when they get a refresh.

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