Back to School Checklist: 2001 Volkswagen Passat

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I have been enjoying my Summer Vacation away from school with my family, seeing old friends and going to as many Angels’ baseball games as I can. My senior year at San Diego State just around the corner I have started a checklist for my trusty VW Passat. I will average over 400 miles a month shuttling around town and trekking from school to home on the weekends so I want to make sure my car is up to the challenge.

My Dad and I have done the basics on the Passat since I bought it my freshman year, including changing the oil. We recently switched to Valvoline MaxLife to help combat the well known sludge problems that affect some older Passats. I bought the car with over 100,000 miles on the odometer from the original owner and now it shows 132K. The VW was very well maintained by its first owner and I have continued to take good care of her and hope to make it through my last year without any costly repairs.

Girl beside Volkswagen Passat

Nothing is worse than breaking down on the 5 in between Orange County and the outskirts of San Diego so my Dad and I have developed a checklist to make sure my car is safe and ready for the round trip.

Tire of Volkswagen Passat

Valvoline Maxlife on engine

Bosch car battery

Coolant and transmission fluid

After my check list is complete I know I’m ready to hit the road!

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