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With petroleum fuel becoming more expensive, car manufacturers are racing to engineer the most fuel-efficient cars. A good driver plays a big role to an automobiles fuel efficiency—and you can be an efficient driver. All it requires are simple habits that are just as easy as watching Game of Thrones every week. Follow these tips to get better gas mileage and we’re sure it won’t disappoint you like the GoT ending did.

, Nine Tips so Your Gas Mileage Won’t Disappoint You Like the GoT Ending
Car companies aim to produce the most fuel-efficient cars to address the issue of depleting petroleum supply.

1. Keep your speed in check

Most cars burn more fuel when you go beyond 60 mph. As you drive through the highway, make sure you maintain a steady speed.

2. Avoid accelerating too fast

You should avoid accelerating too fast. Just apply a firm amount of pressure on the gas pedal as you accelerate. If you drive a manual, watch your RPM before shifting. Ideally, you should be shifting to a higher gear around 2,500 to 3,000 RPM. For automatic transmission, you can switch on the overdrive and eco mode. These settings keep the RPM within a mild range.

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3. Look ahead for red lights and traffic stops

, Nine Tips so Your Gas Mileage Won’t Disappoint You Like the GoT Ending
Anticipating traffic stops helps you manage your speed and fuel consumption.

Look ahead for red lights and traffic stops to manage your speed better. You could save gas by gradually accelerating, decelerating, and stopping at intersections.

4. Keep a good distance from the car in front of you

Keeping a good distance between you and the car in front allows more reaction time for you to maneuver your vehicle. This will allow you to maintain a safe speed and avoid abrupt a sudden change of pace.

5. Inflate the tires to the proper pressure

Proper tire pressure is often taken for granted. Inflate your tires according to the factory recommendations found in the owner’s manual or the sticker on the driver’s side. This will help the tires achieve optimum grip on the road.

6. Plan your trip ahead of schedule

, Nine Tips so Your Gas Mileage Won’t Disappoint You Like the GoT Ending
Plan your trip ahead of time to avoid traffic congestion and save more fuel.

Plan your trip ahead of schedule to avoid traffic congestion and multiple stops. Your car consumes more fuel when it idles over long periods in traffic jams. It also happens when your car’s momentum is disrupted by multiple stops and it has to accelerate to speed up again.

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7. Tune-up your car regularly

Regular tune-ups make the engine components run like clockwork. New oil keeps the metal surfaces lubricated well, making it easier for the engine to churn out power. A new air filter improves air flow which helps the engine burn fuel efficiently.

8. Remove any unnecessary weight in your car

Remove any excess weight like heavy bags in your car. The extra weight makes the engine work harder and burn more fuel.

9. Don’t let your engine idle when parked

, Nine Tips so Your Gas Mileage Won’t Disappoint You Like the GoT Ending
Avoid idling your car when parked.

Don’t let your engine idle when you are just waiting in the parking lot. Switch off the engine after three minutes if you have no intention of driving right away.

Follow the steps above and you won’t be disappointed in your gas mileage again. Actually, your mileage could improve so much, it might allow your ride to reach the wall…

, Nine Tips so Your Gas Mileage Won’t Disappoint You Like the GoT Ending

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