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As electric vehicles steadily make a name for themselves in the American automotive industry, the demand for the progressive vehicles is also growing. And with this comes the need for other tech solutions such as wireless charging.

German automaker BMW has anticipated the need in 2017 and was among the first to venture on a wireless charging pilot program for EVs.

, BMW Brings Wireless Charging Pilot Program for Hybrid EV to U.S.
BMW’s wireless charging system is seen as one of the biggest technological advancements in terms of EV charging.

The wireless charging technology works for the brand’s 530e plug-in hybrid through magnetic induction, the same process used to charge cell phones, except the charging pad for cars is obviously bigger. The charging process automatically begins once the car is parked over the pad.

And recently, BMW has announced that it is bringing its wireless charging technology to the United States for pilot program testing.

However, the program will only have 200 slots available for interested participants. To qualify for the pilot testing, car owners must be based in California and must have an enclosed garage. BMW will be handing out a “530e Readiness Survey” and partner company Qmerit will be responsible for the installation of the charging pads. The automaker will also be in charge of maintenance and the removal of the charging pads as soon as the lease expires.

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As the company will not be supplying the car within the duration of the program, participants will be required to apply for a 36-month lease on a 2019 BMW 530e. The car will include the M Sport package and suite of safety features.

BMW’s wireless charging system uses 3.2 kilowatts and has an 85% efficiency. It is seen as one of the biggest technological advancements in terms of charging electric vehicles.

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