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The list of automakers looking to release an electric pickup in the near future keeps getting longer, now with Chevrolet joining the fray.

In a recent announcement, General Motors confirmed that Chevrolet is preparing to launch an all-electric pickup truck by the year 2025.

The automaker shared concept sketches of the truck, which, it claimed, won’t necessarily be called the Silverado.

However, by the time the model gets released halfway through the decade, the segment will already be filled with competitors such as the Ford F-150 Electric, the Tesla Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T, the Bollinger B2, the Lordstown Motors Endurance, as well as GM’s very own GMC Hummer EV SUT, which is expected to go on sale next fall.

The Hummer EV is coming soon!
GM says the upcoming electric truck will not be similar to the much-awaited Hummer EV truck. | Source: GMC

GM says the upcoming electric truck will not be similar to the much-awaited Hummer EV truck. Instead, it will be significantly different and marketed as a utilitarian truck compared to the Hummer’s lifestyle vehicle modeling.

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Whereas the Hummer EV will only be offered in a single body configuration with a four-door crew cab and a five-foot bed that will also feature removable roof panels, the future Chevy truck is expected to closely follow the traditional truck formula.

The upcoming Chevrolet EV will also benefit from GM’s new electric-vehicle platform which allows for stacking battery modules to maximize vehicle range. The platform can accommodate as many as 24 modules between the frame and under the body, resulting in a battery pack that can store as much as 200 kWh of electricity and a range of more than 300 miles.

This amount of energy gives the future Chevy a significant advantage over current industry leader Tesla whose vehicles have a maximum range of 100 kWh.

The Chevrolet truck will reportedly be part of GM’s eleven-vehicle electric onslaught in the coming years. The yet-to-be-named model is expected to be about the size of the Chevrolet Equinox with features and styling that resemble the Chevrolet Blazer.

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