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Truck sales for the third quarter of the year are in and it looks like the next few months are going to be difficult for Chevrolet. Based on the charts shared by General Motors, the Silverado trails behind perennial segment leader Ford and Ram.

This recent quarter, Chevrolet moved a total of 147,484 Silverado models against 156,157 units sold by Ram and 221,647 units from Ford’s F-Series. The Blue Oval’s market performance comes as no surprise as the brand has long been the leader in the pickup truck segment. It is the second and third place spots, however, that continue to foster neck-and-neck competition. Although this time, Ram emerged victorious over Chevrolet.

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Chevrolet recorded an increase of 0.58% in terms of year-to-date sales.

In the previous quarters, GM had a habit of combining the number of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks sold to prove that the two brands moved more units. However, Ford’s Q3 sales simply outnumbered Chevrolet and GMC’s 215,296 vehicles this time around.

However, the year-to-date sales are a different story. Both Ford and Ram posted net decreases of 11% and 12%, respectively. On the other hand, Chevrolet and GMC recorded an increase of 0.58% and 7% in that order.

This is good news for GM fans, especially for the long term. If the brand continues to deliver a sales increase while Ford and Ram steadily decline, it won’t be impossible for Chevrolet to reclaim its number two spot or even take over the lead from Ford. For now, though, it will have to settle on the third rank.

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