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  • The Chrysler Pacifica minivan has above-average reliability scores on RepairPal with a 3.5 out of 5, but its annual repair cost is pricey.
  • Cruise control defects, paint peeling and rusting, and transmission problems are notable common problems for the Pacifica minivan.
  • The Pacifica crossover commonly suffers from carbon buildup, damaged retaining pins, and faulty seat features and air conditioning.

The Chrysler Pacifica nameplate has been used on two different vehicles. It used to be a crossover from 2004 to 2008, but has been a minivan since 2017. The current Pacifica is a dependable minivan with excellent features, ample engine power, and responsive handling. It has many great qualities and high-tech capabilities that guarantee a fun driving experience. Also, it holds value well. According to, its value depreciates by 37% after five years.

Are Chrysler Pacificas Reliable?

The Chrysler Pacifica (minivan) got above-average scores in terms of reliability. RepairPal rates it a 3.5 out of 5.0. However, its average annual repair cost is on the pricey side. Nevertheless, the Pacifica remains popular among Chrysler fans because of its comfortable ride and spacious interior. If you take care of your Pacifica properly, it can last a long time. It can travel over 200,000 miles with little problem if you follow its proper maintenance and service schedule.

2017 chrysler pacifica
The Chrysler Pacifica is a dependable minivan with excellent features, ample engine power, and responsive handling.

Top Chrysler Pacifica Problems

The Pacifica minivan and crossover are completely unrelated. This list will include the most usual problems experienced by both models:

Pacifica Minivan

Cruise Control Defect

One of the most notable 2017-2018 Chrysler Pacifica problems is its defective cruise control feature, which may malfunction due to faulty wiring. A short circuit may prevent the cruise control from disengaging, which can mess up your Pacifica’s speed and acceleration control, increasing the risk of collisions. This prompted a huge recall in 2018, affecting over 4.8 million vehicles. Owners of affected Pacificas were asked to avoid using the cruise control feature. Chrysler has said that they will diagnose and repair all affected vehicles for free.

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Paint Peeling And Rusting

One of the most reported 2017 Chrysler Pacifica problems is its faulty paint, which bubbles and prematurely peels off. Exposed metal surfaces may also develop rust. This usually happens at around 34,000 miles. Some owners were annoyed because their fairly new Pacificas were already peeling and rusting. According to reports, damage commonly starts around the minvan’s hood and spreads from there. Some have reported that a new paint job may resolve the issue, but it may cost a lot, depending on where you have it done. However, some owners have shared that they were able to get repairs covered by their dealerships. The extent of coverage may vary, so it’s best to confirm with your dealership.

Transmission Problems

Chrysler Pacifica transmission problems are common with the 2017 model year. It may exhibit a wide array of complications, including fluid leaks, abnormal noises, stalling, jerking, and total transmission failure. Some owners have reported that their transmissions would intermittently act up, throwing the minivan forward without any warning. They’ve also shared that its jerking may become so forceful that it may feel as if the vehicle was rear-ended.

Some owners have shared that they had no choice but to get a transmission replacement. However, it’s not a guaranteed fix. Other components may also need to be repaired on a case-by-case basis. Symptoms may start showing up in relatively new Pacificas at around 20,000 miles. If you’re having transmission problems, you’re definitely not alone. Consult your mechanic as soon as you notice any transmission issues to prevent any further damage.

Pacifica Crossover

Illuminated Check Engine Light Due to Carbon Buildup

The 2004-2008 Chrysler Pacificas are known to have carbon buildup on their valves, which may trigger the check engine light to turn on. This issue prompts an error code P0420 on an OBD scan tool. This commonly happens to high-mileage vehicles at around 130,000 miles. Some owners have shared that this problem may be accompanied by backfiring and hard starting. Chrysler is aware of this issue. It has advised that a combustion chamber cleaning will clear out the carbon buildup and resolve the illuminated check engine light. However, this may keep on happening unless you install new valve spring retainers.

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Engine Noise Due to Damaged Retaining Pin

One of the most reported issues with the 2004-2008 Chrysler Pacifica is its engine, which may develop an abnormal ticking noise. It usually happens at around 104,000 miles. According to reports, the ticking noise can be heard from the engine’s front side and gradually gets louder over time. This issue is caused by a broken rocker arm shaft retaining pin. The shaft may spin and block oil flow, which can produce the ticking noise. Replacing damaged parts can help resolve the issue. However, the total cost of repairs may vary, depending on part prices and labor rates.

Faulty Seat Features

A wiring complication in the 2004-2008 Chrysler Pacifica can cause seat features to malfunction. The static discharge coming from its damaged wires may affect the seat heaters, front power seat memory, and adjustable pedals. Some owners have reported that the seats may also get stuck, preventing any adjustment. They’ve also shared that damaged wires may result in abnormal ticking sounds coming from the driver’s seat. The onset of seat problems usually happens at around 106,000 miles. Chrysler is aware of this issue and has advised that it may be resolved by installing updated seat modules.

2004 chrysler pacifica crossover seats
One common problem reported with the Chrysler Pacifica is a wiring complication that can cause seat features to malfunction. Image source: Kelly Blue Book

Faulty Air-Conditioning (A/C)

The 2004 Chrysler Pacifica’s air-conditioning problems can become troublesome if they aren’t immediately addressed. The issue may start off as an abnormal hissing noise coming from the A/C, which can be heard every few seconds. Some owners have shared that it could progress and cause the AC unit to fail. If your A/C is busted, the cabin may become uncomfortable to stay in. No clear causes were reported, but these A/C complications may be linked to both component failure and electrical issues. Replacing the A/C unit won’t fix electrical or wiring-related problems. It’s best to ask a mechanic for an accurate diagnosis if you’re having A/C problems with your Pacifica.

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Do you already have a Chrysler Pacifica model in mind? Is it the old crossover or the newer minivan? Either way, some model years may have their fair share of problems, but if you know about their potential issues, you won’t be caught unaware. You should learn about the model year you’re interested in and note its maintenance and service schedule. Make sure to iron out all details with the seller before making up your mind.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica Issues

If you’re in the market for a recent edition of the Chrysler Pacifica, then the 2019 model is a great choice. With a 3.7 out of 5 rating on, the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica is a spacious minivan with great handling. It has a comfortable interior with great exterior styling. However, owners have also raised several problems with their 2019 Chrysler Pacifica.

Most owners reported problems with their electrical system, such as poor wiring and battery issues. A handful of reviews also complained about the 2019 Chrysler Pacifica’s transmission problems. Some owners found it hard to switch gears and shared that the nine-speed transmission felt jerky.

2021 Chrysler Pacifica Limited Issues

With a 5.0 overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Limited is a great minivan. It has a spacious interior with great maneuverability.

However, it also received several complaints from owners, with most issues related to the electrical system and engine. Some owners reported a faulty touchscreen and malfunctioning cruise control. Many owners also experienced engine issues, such as misfires, oil leaks, and poor fuel economy.

Despite its issues, the 2021 Chrysler Pacifica ranks 3.5 out of 5 on and 4.2 out of 5 on If you’re in the market for a minivan, there’s no doubt that the 2021 model is a great choice.

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