EPISODE 11: K&N Cold Air Intake Install

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Tools Required: Basic hand tools
Installed By: OC Motorsports
Install Time: Approximately 45 minutes

Just about everyone with an engine knows that air is important and that more air can equal more performance, but what about dusty, dirty air? While the stock air box on our JK does a satisfactory job getting clean air into our engine we decided that we wanted more. More power and more sound specifically. We turned to JC Whitney Centennial sponsor K&N Filters and took a look at their proven cold air intakes for our Jeep. Another benefit to consider-K&N filters are guaranteed for a million miles, so you just wash your filter, re-oil it and reinstall it , which saves used filters from piling up at the landfill

K&N made their name in the off road business and started out producing motorcycle filters for racers. Since their filters gave racers using their product increased airflow and filter efficiency word got out that they were the brand to run. Fast forward nearly 50 years and K&N filters are sold around the world with applications for virtually every internal combustion engine on the road.

K&N offers 3 different intakes for the 2015 Wrangler and we chose their popular 77 Series kit featuring a chrome intake tube and under hood shield to funnel cold air from outside the engine compartment. The dyno chart shows peak torque and horsepower gains and we like the “uncorked” sound of the 3.6L V6 engine. Daniel at OC Motorsports was assigned to our project and jumped right in removing the engine cover, disconnecting the air temperature sensor and crankcase vent hose and pulled the stock air box out of our JK to make way for the K&N intake.

This is an easy Saturday morning install that just about anyone with basic hand tools can tackle. Next step was to assemble the filter heat shield and install it in the left corner of the engine compartment with the supplied hardware.

With the filter and heat shield in place the next step was to install the heat shield lid and route the intake pipe from the filter to the airflow sensor with the provided hoses and clamps. Daniel reinstalled the air temperature sensor and engine cover to complete the job.

Here’s the completed install and you can hear the K&N Intake here:

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