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Everyday Americans are the Real Victims of the Trade War

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With all the abstract talk in the news about tariffs and the trade war with China, it’s too easy for us everyday consumers to change the channel and not give it a second thought. In reality, however, we’re the ones who suffer. As Chief Merchandising Officer at, I’ve seen first-hand how hard these additional costs hit customers. In a piece I wrote for The Hill, I felt it was important to look at the numbers from a perspective that may very well hit home for most:

“… JP Morgan estimates the average American will pay an additional $1,000 because of the trade war—and remember, that’s 2.5 times the $400 emergency that 40 percent of Americans already cannot afford… Tariffs are not abstract, and they are not distant. Their victim is likely a mom who must keep her 12-year-old Chevy Malibu on the road so she can drop off the kids at school and go to work. She cannot afford a $1,000 surprise.”

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Charles Fischer

Chief Merchandising Officer at

Charles Fischer has lived and breathed automotive his whole life. He made his start in the auto parts business in 1967, managed his first parts store in 1977 and has held senior positions in global sourcing and supply chain management for a number of companies in the automotive sector since 1992, including Federal-Mogul Corporation and Keystone Automotive Industries before joining U.S. Auto Parts Network in 2008. As Chief Merchandising Officer at, Charles continues to hone his passion and expertise in helping car repairers (DIY or professional) secure top-quality parts at great prices.

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