Excelling in a Male-Dominated Industry: Chief Mechanic Mia Bevacqua Shares Her Advice

As a woman, I’m often asked how I got into the automotive industry. After all, this is an industry dominated by men—from the people who build cars to the people...Read more

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Everyday Americans are the Real Victims of the Trade War

With all the abstract talk in the news about tariffs and the trade war with China, it’s too easy for us everyday consumers to change the channel and not give...Read more

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The Idea of an American or Japanese or German Car is Obsolete in the New Epoch of Global Vehicles

Cars are produced all over the world and their components are supplied by many different countries. We tend to think of Ford as "American", Toyota as "Japanese", and BMW as...Read more

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Electric Vehicles Hit Buyers’ Wallets Hard: Environmentalism Must Be Affordable to Be Effective

Electric vehicles powered solely by batteries are touted as cheaper to fuel and maintain than internal combustion (ICE) vehicles and produce lower emissions that help save the planet. However, underlying...Read more

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Detroit is Winding Down Cars and Betting Big on Light Trucks: The Art of Short-Term Thinking

Detroit automakers have announced plans for stopping production of most car models over the next few years. By 2021, the Big Three will offer U.S. consumers fewer than seven car...Read more