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The new and improved Sienna is arriving in a month’s time and Toyota has shared some of the features customers can look forward to in the family hauler.

The minivan will have a hybrid powertrain, an all-wheel-drive configuration that will be available as an option, aggressive styling, and smart driver-assist technology. Too, it is getting family-friendly upgrades in the cabin.

First on the list is the open-concept seating that gives extra legroom and additional cargo space for the second-row captain’s chairs, especially when the third row is stowed flat. Toyota made it so that both seats can slide by as much as 25 inches backward, two inches more than the previous Sienna.

A vacuum is also making its way to the new Sienna as a factory option instead of an add-on from a separate distributor. It will sit right at the center of the console rather than the cargo hold, with a chilled storage bin also arriving as an extra option at a later date.

2021 toyota sienna comes with gesture controlled power sliding doors
Toyota is equipping the minivan with gesture-controlled power sliding doors. | Source: Toyota

Since the 2021 Toyota Sienna will only be available with a hybrid powertrain, Toyota made it a point to install the battery pack underneath the front seats. However, this also suggests that the battery is small and cannot offer an extended range for the minivan.

In terms of technology, Toyota is equipping the minivan with gesture-controlled power sliding doors. This means that aside from pulling the exterior handle or pressing a button on the B-pillar, overhead console, or key fob, drivers and passengers can also open and close the front doors with a kick motion underneath the sill.

Other accessories also include polished blackfins on the rear fenders that help reduce turbulence in the wheels as well as a tailgate speaker in the hatch to accompany a JBL stereo.

The 2021 Toyota Sienna is set to arrive at dealerships in the United States in a few months.

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