Fire Risk Prompts Recall of 180,000 Hyundai Tucson SUVs

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For the third time in three years, Hyundai is recalling some of its products due to a problem with the ABS module.

Around 180,000 units of the Tucson SUV from the 2019 to 2021 model years are being taken off the market due to fire risks.

According to documents filed by Hyundai with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the automaker thinks the problem is rooted in the lack of proper quality control on the supplier’s end during production. More specifically, it was found that residue from the soldering process of the ABS module could accumulate and cause an electrical short. This is especially the case when the component is exposed to heat and humidity.

Hyundai said owners of vehicles with defective ABS modules may notice smoke coming from the engine compartment as well as a burning or melting odor. The ABS light on the dashboard will also illuminate, notifying drivers of the problem.

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In 2018, Hyundai also recalled about 88,000 Azera and Sonata vehicles for possible electric short caused by water seeping into the ABS system.

Moreover, Hyundai said it is aware of reports of fires related to the issue, but it did not reveal how many cases were reported.

The latest recall involving the Hyundai Tucson is the third time the automaker is pulling out vehicles from the market due to a defective ABS module. In 2018, it also recalled about 88,000 Azera and Sonata vehicles for possible electric short caused by water seeping into the system.

Earlier this year, 229,000 units of the Sorento and Sedona from its corporate sibling Kia were also recalled for having defective ABS modules that could cause an electrical short and a fire.

Hyundai, however, said that the ABS modules from the first two recalls were from different suppliers and had varying causes for the defects.

Tucson owners affected by the recall are advised to bring their vehicles to a dealer where a technician will replace the ABS module. Recall notifications will be sent out beginning October 30.

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