First Lexus Electric Car Is Not Coming to the U.S.

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Lexus is set to debut its very first electric car sometime this month. But despite growing interest from American consumers, it looks like the model is not going anywhere near the United States.

Developing battery-electric models does not seem to be the biggest priority for Lexus and its parent automaker, Toyota, especially when it comes to innovation. Instead, the Japanese automaker looks hellbent on pursuing fuel-cell technology and hybrid systems. But this is about to change this month as Lexus prepares to unveil its first production electric car–in China, that is.

In a recent announcement, Lexus said the electric car was “specifically crafted to suit the needs of audiences in China and Europe.” There also wasn’t any mention of the United States, likely suggesting the Lexus EV won’t reach American shores.

Lexus’ first production electric car is set to debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China this month. | Source: Lexus

Prior to the news of its debut in China, people had the impression the model will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show when the automaker said it is preparing to introduce a production electric car this month.

Lexus remains tight-lipped regarding other details of the model, so there has been no confirmation on the body style it will adapt. Other than a photo showing a badge that says “Electric,” nothing is known about it. The EV, however, is rumored to be a battery-electric version of the subcompact UX crossover.

Toyota has previously announced its plans to roll out 10 electric cars by 2025. A few of them are likely going to debut in the United States in the near future, but this particular Lexus EV is not part of the list.

Lexus’ first production electric car is set to debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China this month.

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