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The Ford Escape Hybrid is returning for the 2020 model year and in time for the model’s upcoming release, the Environmental Protection Agency shared just how economical it is going to be.

According to the agency’s website, the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid is estimated to return 44 miles per gallon, 37 mpg highway, and 41 mpg combined. These numbers make the model more frugal than the highly popular 2020 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, which has an estimated 41 city, 48 highway, and 40 combined.

But there’s a catch—the RAV4 Hybrid is exclusively available with all-wheel drive.

, Ford Escape Hybrid Comes with Better Fuel Economy
Aside from the hybrid crossover model, Ford will continue releasing plug-in hybrid versions of its compact crossovers. | Source: Ford

So, for better comparison, consumers may want to check on the EPA numbers of the AWD Escape Hybrid, which is an estimated 43 mpg city, 47 mpg highway, and 40 mpg combined. This shows that both the Escape and RAV4 Hybrid are pretty much tied when it comes to mileage.

Consumers who are looking for a hybrid crossover with the most return, however, would likely find the Kia Niro miles better than the Ford Escape Hybrid and Toyota RAV4 Hybrid albeit being the smaller vehicle. The Korean automaker’s representative for the hybrid crossover segment is lording it over its competitors with an estimated 51 city, 46 highway, and 49 combined. However, the numbers are for the Niro’s premium FE trim and.

Aside from the hybrid crossover models, though, Ford and Toyota will continue to battle it out in the coming year as both companies released the plug-in hybrid versions of their compact crossovers. Ford is working to get 30 miles of all-electric range from its PHEC, while Toyota is trying to go 39 miles on a full charge with its RAV4 Prime plug-in.

Nevertheless, continuous hybrid releases show how hard at work these automakers are for the so-called EV revolution.

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