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Ford just gave the public its first official look at the latest generation of America’s favorite pickup truck a few days ahead of its debut.

Through a shadowy teaser image posted on its website, Ford showed the front end of the new Ford F-150 and shared a few more of its details.

The most noticeable aspect of the image is the new light signature. It features LEDs that surround the top and both sides of the headlights as well as smaller fog lights that complete the set. Sporting a bracket-like shape, it is reminiscent of older Ford vehicles like the Super Duty truck and is expected to give the F-150 a more unique look, particularly at night.

Teaser photo of new Ford F-150
Following the launch of the standard truck, Ford is also planning to release a hybrid model and fully electric version of the F-150.

The image also suggests that the next-gen F-150 is going to be slightly bigger and blockier compared to the outgoing generation. It also appears to have a taller and more sculpted hood. These two traits are expected to join other distinct features of the truck, including a bigger grille and a multitude of chrome badges.

Other than these, nothing much can be gleaned from the teaser image the Blue Oval provided.

But based on earlier spy photos, the midrange Lariat trim will have a large touchscreen and digital gauge cluster. It is also possible for higher-end variants to get bigger screens or a vertically-setup type like those of the new Explorer and Ram 1500.

The 2021 Ford F-150 is expected to debut on June 25, with sales set to begin in October.

Following the launch of the standard truck, a hybrid model powered by a V6 engine as well as a fully electric version are also being planned for release.

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