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There is a looming problem among owners of the well-loved Ford F-150.

At least one owner reported experiencing serious problems with the shifting gears of the vehicle and now he intends to sue the company.

In particular, the problem involves the 10-speed automatic transmission in the latest generation of the Ford F-150.

In a lawsuit filed by an owner of a 2018 F-150 SuperCab, the complainant claims the truck’s occupants are at risk for possible whiplash due to hard and erratic transmission shifts.

, Ford Owner Complains About F-150’s 10-Speed Automatic
Allegedly, “all F-150 trucks with 10-speed transmissions made the same noise” and the slipping and jerking, according to technicians, were “normal.”

The owner says he bought the truck in September 2018 with just 10 miles on the odometer. When it reached 6,000 miles, the truck started “making a loud clanking noise from the 10-speed transmission, causing rough shifting and shift times much too long.”

The suit alleges that the automatic transmission caused the truck to decelerate while driving, creating additional safety issues for the occupants. Moreover, the owner claimed bringing the truck to a Ford dealership was not helpful despite it still being under warranty.

Technicians reportedly told the owner there was no fix for the F-150’s transmission problem “because all F-150 trucks with 10-speed transmissions made the same noise” and that the slipping and jerking were “normal” for the transmission referred to as 10R80.

The lawsuit also refers to a 2019 recall issued by the automaker covering 1.5 million 2011-2013 Ford F-150s equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The recall was prompted by reports of the affected trucks suddenly downshifting into first gear, leading to potential whiplash to passengers.

The unnamed plaintiff is demanding Ford to pay damages to all affected customers and issue a recall.

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