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It’s less than a week until the highly anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco makes it debut and the automaker continues to whet everyone’s appetite by publishing new teaser images.

Following the release of photos showing the front grille of the SUV a couple of weeks back, Ford shared another batch of pictures on Instagram, this time exposing the vehicle’s rear end. Shown in a collage are the model’s rear tire, rear quarter panel, protruding tail light, and a glimpse of the giant spare tire.

In the photos, the Bronco is noticeably seen frolicking in the sand, leading people to wonder if the Blue Oval took the vehicle out for a spin at the beach.

However, it turns out that the images, all nine of them, are computer-generated based on the actual Bronco. It won’t be long until everyone sees the genuine vehicle, though, given its scheduled reveal on July 13.

With talks focused on the rear end of the new Bronco, Ford hinted at the possibility of offering off-road-ready tires for the SUV. This may be confirmed after its official debut.

The 2021 Ford Bronco is set to arrive at dealership lots sometime next year with a retail price of $32,495.

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