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It looks like Ford’s new upcoming crossover finally has a name—and, no, it’s not Baby Bronco.

Following its decision to discontinue its car lineup, with the Fiesta and Focus getting the axe, the all-new model is Ford’s attempt to cater to customers who may not be interested with the other upcoming model, the truck-based Bronco SUV.

, Ford’s Bronco-Based Crossover Gets Official Name
According to a Ford Authority report, Ford’s new crossover will be called the Bronco Adventurer. | Source: Car Buzz

Once rumored to be dubbed as Bronco Scout, the crossover has been making the rounds in the industry way ahead of its release with some leaked images from what appeared to be a Ford dealer meeting in Las Vegas.

For several months, no official name has been confirmed for the model. That is until Ford Authority published its report, claiming Ford’s new crossover will be called the Bronco Adventurer.

The new crossover will feature a unibody platform, most likely similar to the one underpinning the all-new 2020 Escape. But in contrast to the Escape, the Bronco Adventurer will have a more rugged look. And despite the platform generally being front-wheel-drive based, Ford will also be offering an all-wheel-drive option for the Bronco Adventurer like it did for the Escape and the Lincoln Corsair.

Ford is reportedly planning to introduce the Bronco Adventurer to the market for the 2021 model year, with more updates expected to come out within the next few months.

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