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General Motors is beefing up its portfolio with the arrival of an electric pickup for the 2021 model year. No less than the company’s CEO quelled the rumors of a GM battery-powered truck debuting in the next couple of years.

GM CEO Mary Barra made the announcement during the Barclays Global Auto Conference, noting that in conceptualizing the truck, GM worked to understand buyer preferences as well as the “lifestyle” of electric vehicle owners. Other than that, GM has yet to revealed any other information about the mystery model.

, GM Confirms Electric Pickup Arriving in Two Years
General Motors currently has 20 new electric cars planned for global release until 2023.

When asked if the vehicle she was referring to is the electric pickup truck previously mentioned during the company’s labor contract negotiations with the United Automobile Workers, Barra did not immediately respond.

Recent labor contract negotiations prompted UAW-GM workers to go on strike, resulting in a delay in GM’s production timeline. But as the automaker resumed discussions with UAW, it reportedly proposed an electric pickup truck as part of its labor contract package. The said electric pickup is believed to be allocated to the Detroit-Hamtramck production plant.

Aside from simply being an electric pickup, the model is also believed to carry the returning Hummer nameplate. This is based on information shared by forecasting firm Auto Forecast Solutions. According to the firm, GM is slated to release an electric utility vehicle for three brands, including an “M Brand.”

The company currently has 20 new electric cars planned for global release until 2023. Although most of the models will be similar to the China-exclusive Chevrolet Menlo EV, the pickup trucks are headed to the United States. But until an electric pickup truck is officially released, it’s still too early to tell if the American mass market is as welcoming to electrified trucks as it is to the traditional types.

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