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General Motors (GM) is rumored to be considering the revival of the Hummer line, but this time in the form of an electric SUV. How true the rumors are, interested parties have yet to find out.

The brand first acquired the Hummer range from AM General in 1998, and eventually dropped it in 2010 due to low demand amid recession and high gas prices.

But with the consistent rise in popularity of SUVs in the market and the success of automakers like Jeep as of late, it’s no surprise that GM may decide to bring back the Hummer, considering that it still owns the rights to the brand, as well as its trademarks.

, Is GM Reviving the Hummer as an Electric SUV?
According to rumors, GM is toying with the idea of bringing back the Hummer as an electric SUV.

According to a Bloomberg report, GM is toying with the idea, but it is looking into the possibility of re-introducing the Hummer brand as an electric vehicle.

Despite a GM representative calling the idea “speculative,” it does look plausible to see the Hummer return as an EV, especially after the company announced its plans to push for an electrified version of a large percentage of its lineup.

It is believed that GM could apply the Hummer tag to a new all-electric SUV instead of reviving gas-powered SUVs, which are deemed inefficient nowadays. The model will still have its off-road capability and the iconic image associated with the model, but with a completely different powertrain.

If true, however, it looks like the return of Hummer may have to wait a few more years. GM is still hard at work on a new electric platform that will include other future vehicles such as the 2022 Cadillac crossover. If, and when, it does make a comeback, it could be part of a separate electric platform that the brand is reportedly building for larger trucks and SUVs.

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