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Fuel economy is improving in the United States, with Honda leading the pack of car manufacturers that have actively made cuts in carbon emissions and help save consumers money.

According to an article published by online publication Consumer Reports, the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Fuel Economy Trends report shows a record-high number of 25.1 mpg on average for all passenger vehicles sold in the U.S. This is higher than the 24.2 mpg average in 2013.

The report also indicates that 12 of the 14 automakers selling cars and light trucks in America have demonstrated improvements from 2013 to 2018. This means newer releases now have better return to consumers per gallon of gas consumers by a vehicle.

Honda chrome logo on car grille
Honda is among the carmakers that have shown the most significant improvements in fuel economy—thanks to the introduction of new engines and transmissions.

Moreover, the EPA report shares information on car companies that are investing the most to improve fuel economy for consumers who are trying to be more environmentally conscious when purchasing vehicles.

“Our tests at the track show that new cars have improved fuel economy while also making strides in safety, comfort, and even acceleration,” Consumer Reports Senior Director of Auto Testing Jake Fisher said.

Among the carmakers that have shown the most significant improvements are Honda and Subaru—thanks to the introduction of new engines and transmissions. According to EPA, the two companies increased fuel economy by more than double the national average.

Experts are also weighing in on the report, noting the automotive industry has spent billions of dollars in the development of new technologies to boost the number of models that achieve 30 mpg or more. The latest count is at 475, including 62 hybrids models, 36 plug-in hybrids, and 36 battery-electric vehicles.

While Honda and Subaru are leading the pack, the EPA report also mentioned the brands that are lagging behind in the initiative. Two of them are General Motors and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, both of which are at the bottom part of EPA’s chart for individual company fuel efficiency.

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