Honda to Add Non-CPO, Pre-Owned Vehicles to Used-Cars Selling Platform

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Honda is planning to expand its used-cars selling platform,, by offering not just certified pre-owned (CPO) models to its customers but also non-certified and pre-owned vehicles.

Honda says it is the first mass-market automaker to move in this direction, which the company claims to be part of its effort to target young and first-time car buyers.

“The used-vehicle marketplace is a great opportunity to create new relationships for the Honda brand and our dealers. It also helps that the reputation of Honda for quality and reliability makes our vehicles more prized in the used-vehicle market,” said Dan Rodriguez, National Auto Remarketing Manager for Honda CPOs.

Based on Honda’s guidelines for classifying CPO vehicles, only late-model vehicles that have undergone proper inspection, cleaning, and given a warranty of 7 years or 100,000 miles for the powertrain and 5 years or 86,000 miles for non-powertrain coverage can be part of the program. These vehicles also get additional benefits such as roadside assistance and concierge service.

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As for Honda’s luxury brand Acura, it “will be following the same path,” but only after the program is successfully launched for Honda.

On the other hand, non-CPO vehicles or the “regular” used cars, trucks, and SUVs no longer have to go through the vetting and certification process. This means some of the vehicles could be, say, 10-years-old, but they are guaranteed to be cheaper than their CPO equivalents.

While the entire transaction for the non-CPO cars cannot be done entirely online, Honda says customers can “complete most of the purchase process” digitally.

The program is exclusive for Honda-brand used vehicles, and dealers are required to have an existing CPO listing on the website before being allowed to add a regular, uncertified vehicle. There are no additional fees for dealers and consumers, and all of Honda’s franchise partners in its CPO program are qualified to participate.

As for non-CPO models from Honda’s luxury brand Acura, Rodriguez said it “will be following the same path,” but only after they have successfully launched the program for the Honda brand.

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